Friday, 1 May 2009

=Blimey Limey=

I am having a week of colour studies and bookbinding and generally making a big mess (so, what else is new?). This is a peek at my new prints which have been glorious to make. Very therapeutic. Along with my yoga it's been a very introspective week. 

I am soooo excited as I am off to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks and can't wait to hit the stationary shops, the book shops and the markets. Crikey, is shopping getting the better of me? I have also found out the hotel has a gym and an ashtanga yoga teacher so will be able to continue my Mysore practise. I am also vowing to leave the internet behind for a few days. (bites nails in anxious pose)

Meanwhile, have a gorgeous weekend...the sun is shining here in the UK, strawberries are in the shops and all is well in the world. (if you don't listen to the news)


mom seeks life said...

I love this print - it's really beautiful and I want one!

Francesca said...

print looks lovely louise, and hong kong...fantastic. it's a visual feast.

am loving the sunshine too.