Saturday, 1 August 2009

°tropical blogess°

Dearly Beloved Readers
Here I am in full tropical the Wah launch party. 
Just had my nails painted hot pink 
with tiny little pictures of fruit (watermelons were my fave). 
It was hot, we sizzled, got sozzled and wafted our hands around a lot.
I did promise you all a snap of the woman behind the blog 
and my daughter took this last night.
More pics at the Wah blog


Bingo Betty said...

beautiful x

Anonymous said...

Gorgous x

Conversation Pieces said...

You look do look so tropical! What a great smile you have :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks BB, MSL and CP.
How very lovely of you to pay such delicious fruity compliments
mwaaaaaaaah x