Monday, 25 January 2010

℺ή ṧḁḟḀℜⅈ

It feels ages since I've been here, on the page... I've missed my blog and all of the blogs I read regularly. The internet connection is tenuous and that's if we don't have a power cut which happens three times a day. My blog reader doesn't seem to load either so I feel quite cut off,  I don't know what any of you lovely lot are up to. I am going to have to wait until I get home to catch up with all your blogginess and leave you random  'after the horse has bolted' comments.

India has me firmly in her arms. 
I have settled in to a strange little routine and a very simple existence. I am loving my 6am yoga, it's really going nicely, I'm moving deeper with more stability than I have had for a long long time. 
In turn, my thoughts are more stable and my outlook more sunny. I wash my clothes in a bucket and my shower/bath is a bucket and a jug...sometimes the water is warm, 
I'm getting good at the shock of a cold drench.

Yoga is 6 days a week so after yoga on a Saturday morning, I don't have to report for school until Monday morning which gives me an opportunity to dash off on a mini break. 
Like I need it? I know I know.
I had a couple of days away and went to stay in a river lodge to see some wild animals.
I was hoping for a glimpse of tiger but instead I saw the fuzzy horned fellow below. I also saw elephants, bison, wild boar, peacocks, monkeys and lots of pretty birds. Kingfishers are everywhere, spotted as a flash of iridescent blue and the sweet 'bee eater' as seen below.
Trundling through the forest/jungle as the sun came up was magical.
Thank you, I keep saying it, 
Thank you.

I've got tons of things to tell you about India...zillions of images 
and I'm hoping to be back here sooner rather than later.
Next time, I'm going to take you into the zany world of shopping in India.
The retail experience of a lifetime.


Lizzie said...

It's as if you're off in a dream somewhere... your stories don't sound anything like life as I experience it. It does sound calm and beautiful in your yoga and dawn-forest world this time! Your last post that I read was about meals, tired muscles, noisy places etc. What a varied and amazing place is India!

Meghan said...

Can't wait for the Indian shoppy episode!!!xxxxxx

suzie said...

Loulou, I've really missed you! I'm so glad that this has been such a healing and rewarding experience for doubt the inspiration will last you for a long time to come.
Please, please try to keep the postcards a wee bit more frequent!

louloulovesbooks said...

Lizzie,thanks for your lovely comments... it is a dream...this place goes from crazy loud jumping jacks and then there is deep sunlit peace...all in the same moment knows it
Suzie...aaagh I missed you too, am going to try and be a bit more posty, I am losing days to diversions darling

the travelling bookbinder said...

lookington forward to the next episode!

Becka Lynn Lee said...

Your photos are beautiful and not what one expects to see of India. I love that. Looking forward to more.

chocolategirl64 said...

birdy numnum:
aye to being missed/missing:
excited for exotica retail:
spy for a shopping list ^_*

Amelia said...

oh gosh, I need to do 6am yoga - sounds great. I am going over to look at your books as I too love artists books and making them!