Wednesday, 5 May 2010

❍ pillows talk ❍

pillow talk
ode to pillows
time to tell


nath said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, that pillow looks inviting. i am such a sleeyhead at the moment. and lovely dandelion clocks, yesterday i saw an entire verge covered with them, it was very pretty.

suzie said...

can't wait to see the linoprints of these dandelions you threaten to make :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Suzie, just what i need, a good nag..thank you. Please come by again ;-)
Nath, I hereby decree that you should sleep as much as you want to. You've been through quite a lot. Sleep is repair XXX

Francesca said...

lovely pillows indeed and look at those amazing dandelions. wonderful pic. you wouldn't know they could be so evil.