Wednesday, 26 January 2011

ᙊ beware of the crocodiles ᙍ

coracle fishing
The lake is the closest this city gets to having lungs. Despite being close to the chaos and pollution, this area is literally a breath of fresh air here, especially at 6am. Clean and cool and quite perfect for a stroll. The mosquitos are nowhere to be seen and the birds and creatures seem completely unbothered by us.
Quite a lot of locals come here to trudge, walk or jog around the lake.
The lake is also home to fishermen who fish in coracle boats which are simple floating circular baskets. I have been in one before and they are surprisingly stable. Though when you look at them your mind fights this fact. Just beyond the fishing boats is a huge swathe of green that cuts across the lake and it is teeming with giant pelicans! Amazing! Next time I will get a picture but we glided past them when it was still dark. No way was I going to flash photograph them. Huge wings, huge beaks. I wonder if they ever get eaten by crocodiles? What do crocodiles eat anyway? Not chapatis & dahl.
croc alert
Crocodiles live in the centre of the lake so I was a bit nervous, I hadn't read up on Crocodile Attack Survival but having said that I would have liked a crocodile wrestling story for my after dinner speaking tour.
I didn't see one but I did see the warning sign. Apparently when the lake dried up a bit last year the crocs were found wandering in the road. I don't know how true that is but how weird that would have been to see a croc strolling into the city.  
exercise together
I hope these two don't mind that I snapped them, aren't they gorgeous in yellow? They were briskly walking and the sun was coming up. I felt a bit voyeuristic, I do usually ask people but this was a fleeting moment of action.
crumbling glamour
And this crumbly glamour? Reminds me of British Victorian seaside structures. Love those stripes... 


Anonymous said...

We have crocodile warning signs, too!

the travelling bookbinder said...

NB. If a crocodile is chasing you, run in zigzags as it won't be able to catch you up.

gill said...

I'm really enjoying your trip to India! Keep posting please!
Love the advice about escaping from a crocodile - I must remember that!!

louloulovesbooks said...

I love that advice too, I shall try and remember it..zig and zag. Excellent!

Francesca said...

yes gorgeous yellow. the colours are so vibrant in your posts from india. isn't that writing on the sign so beautiful! i can't believe it actually says something too. total gobbledegook, but beautiful gobbledegook! x

Lizzie said...

Well, what a hook - "Beware of the Crocodiles"! And it really was about crocodiles too (or partly). That's the great thing about your document of your trips to India - you have so many different things to tell us, about so many things that just don't happen in dull and chilly England.
Looks like a lovely morning at the lake - that couple look as if they are enjoying their brisk morning walk before work. I hope you enjoyed yours.
And I loved the peppermint-striped bandstand!

Carol said...

Everyone loves a crocodile story. What a beautiful warning sign, such divine script. I didn't know that advice about zigging and zagging, and I'm not sure I'd remember it if I was on the run.