Tuesday, 17 February 2009

¬Alphabet Offerings to the God of Ideas¬

My studio is a crazy mess, there are papers everywhere and a general dismal disarray. I should shame myself and post a picture but I can't air that dirty laundry. My mum might see it. But I made these letter templates yesterday and swept a pile of trimmings on the floor so I could take a nice clean image. I'm not entirely sure what they are for but I keep cutting words out of random papers and thought I should make life easier by making an alphabet template. These are the capitals and I need a lower case set now. It's finicky and awkward but therapeutic. A meditation. A displacement activity. An avoidance of something. But it's making me feel excited about some new work. When you are stuck and not getting anywhere, just do something. This is my something.


Bingo Betty said...

I wish I had something to do other than waiting for the smell to run out of my shake'n'vac scented hoover pouch.
Love you art-mom x

Eleanor said...

Hello! I'm so glad you liked the post. I found you on the UWE Bristol Book Arts Newsletter (I think). I love your work, and your website (as I already said). Thank you for your kind words. Keep in touch! Eleanor. x

bekbok said...

Sometimes mess is absolutely necessary. I think the teensy little dot was a big mess before it exploded into the universe, so maybe it's just a prelude to some major creation.

I love reading your blog, loulou :)