Tuesday, 28 April 2009

*'([{Five addictions}])'* and a beach offering

I've been tagged by the talented Anna over at Colour and Sound to name five addictions, I've been meaning to post this for ages... these are my current addictions but by next week I will have new loves, O fickle me...

•The Internet... Oh my, I loveheart it...Do they have rehab for internet fiends? I have got repetitive strain injury from my mouse usage and ~I still can't stop, there is so much to see and do. All that research at my finger tips, all that creativity leaping around in the magic box. I need to be taken to a remote place and made to go cold turkey..NOW.

•Boots..Oh you know, the ones that go on your feet, they come in all colours shapes and styles and I like them. I line them up and look at them when I am really bored. Soon to be replaced by flip flops as the sun comes out.

•The Wire...The tv police series. It's given me so much to get my head stuck into, it's given me nightmares, it doesn't insult my intelligence, I hate television, I'm very against the opiumbox of colour (see addiction 1 which really shows how two faced I am) but The Wire...sigh. I don't want it to end. Oh yeah, p.s it's got the best looking cast ever. 

•Food..not an addiction but a necessity, heres the thing... I go through phases. I can honestly eat the same thing for days on end. Last week~salad nicoise...the week before...tuna melt with tabasco sauce...the week before that...spaghetti bolog. I think it's because I make a huge vat of something and am so busy watching the wire, being internetty or polishing my boots or possibly even making artistic and creative castles that I just dont want to think about food until I'm staaaaaarrrrrrving, so then I eat what i've left in the fridge...

•Yoga...feel weird if I dont do it, feel shattered when I do but cannot stop for fear of the emptiness and hopelessness. 


Anonymous said...

I have similar addictions; minus the boots for me - unless you count Boots the chemist in which I can spend hours and a fortune- and sadly my food addiction is a lot less healthy and substantial than yours and mainly involves carbohydrates(I feel cheated if there's no bread or potatoes involved in my dinner). But The Wire is definately an addiction to savour. Oh, and I love the beach offering piccy

bekbok said...

You really ARE my sister!

I also eat the same thing until I'm sick of it.
And I love boots too.
Though I've never seen this 'wire' thing that you're talking about and I most definitely am NOT addicted to the internet. No sir-ee. Absolutely not. Um.

louloulovesbooks said...

Right, that's it, you two are both tagged. Becbok and Mom seeks life (my glorious sisters).
Five addictions now.
One side of A4 will do (becca?)

Emma said...

Food is my addiction too, but thats what comes from having chefs as parents! x