Thursday, 9 April 2009

Into Production

I have had a creative fountain in me this last week or so, it is situated around my heart area. It looks like a cross between a chandelier and Southend seafront. It's like being at a party and believing you are the life and soul of the event. In actual fact, you've probably just had a tequila too many. I'll probably wake up next week and think what a fool I have been.
But for now, the folding, cutting and glueing is spurring me on.

Note to self:
Don't think too much, just make.
Don't talk too much, just create.
Don't varnish your fingernails a particularly fetching and inappropriate shade of midnight blue because every time you fold a piece of paper it leaves it's indelible mark.


nath said...

This all looks so very exciting! Can't wait to see more. And your nails look fabulous.

nath said...

Oh and also - your website is lovely, I really like the illustrative qualities that abound all over it. It's charming.

Anonymous said...

Last time I painted my nails dark red it did the same thing! yikes! :)

Stephanie said...

Very nicely said. I like the Don't think too much, just make.
Don't talk too much, just create. I've been thinking & talking too much lately. Much luck with your silent focus!

Bingo Betty said...

Ooh what a lovely post, my favourite.

Anna Betts said...

I agree totally, I overthink things too often. There's something to be said for blind enthusiasm and the honesty in your work it can bring.
How are the Etsy preparations coming? I'm getting excited for the grand reveal!

Francesca said...

hi louise, thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm with you on the 'don't think too much, just make.' i wish i had the time to just mess around. the best ideas come from just messing around.