Sunday, 17 April 2011

ᗗ saying a prayer for them ᗗ

one bowl, one flower, many prayers

Who am I to ask for prayers to be answered, for wishes to be granted?

I just add myself to a line of devotees and hope that some of their Godliness will stick. Their goodliness might brush shoulders with my sadness and form an apex of wishes granted?
Visiting Bouddhanath, site of many a pilgrim's dusty hopes and wishes, 
I joined the peace on a sunny,wide bluesky day. Tangled in an alleyway of seller's tatters I felt the calm, the sanctuary of my surroundings immediately.
What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. 

With the eyes of higher beings on you the whole time.
Be Good, Be Good, Be God.


Walking around and around the giant stupa and ringing spinning bells in full fat sunshine, metal warmed by wishes and worn by wringing hands...

what goes around comes around

what comes around goes around

I go around again and watch the birds looping the loop and the whole circle,
the whole circus that this circle is, soothes me and I smile 
and it is returned again and again.

Bells at Bouddhanath

bird flurry


i could have danced all night

keeping the fires burning

Everything moves here, flickers, dances, jumps, the flags leap and roll in the breeze, people circumnavigate, dust rolls from the  stupa, the eyes of an ever watchful God are fixed. I roll around and say out loud my prayers, are they like birthday wishes? They might have to be kept secret. 

keep the flags flying

I'm not tired of bunting, flags, blue skies or beautiful places yet. 
This place is a confirmation of joy.

say what you like

And this one is for you, my lovely friends who inspire me, send me words of encouragement and  wonderful messages of hope and love, I thank you, I thank you and I am keeping the prayer flags flying. And I am keeping going and I am trying to live up to what you think I might be. I think I saw the eyes wink. 

endless prayers