Monday, 19 July 2010

••♡ Fancy Nancy ♡••

all out to dry
Here are the finished lino prints from the tutorial. I cleaned up all the excess lino and got down to a production line of printing. I used my Adana press but you can just as well do the printing by hand. I used a pure Magenta ink and thoroughly enjoyed watching row upon row of postcards appear...

I went into production for a nice little job I had to do last week. To make and design press packs for Fancy Nancy, a gorgeous bakery that is doing a Christmas presentation at Harvey Nichols this week. 
Because this is how the world works. 
Whilst we are sweltering and dreaming of running naked in the surf, 
lots of designers/makers/businesses have to think about Christmas.
Anyway enough of the C-word.
It's more than a little hard. Hands up who remembers all that snow? 

A press pack is just some info for journos about a company or product. Usually quite dull affairs or needlessly expensive publications. I wanted to make a nice little presentation and Juliet of Fancy Nancy is just one of those gorgeous clients who leave it to me.

Here's a peep at the press packs I ended up making to be distributed to all the journalists to let them know all about Fancy Nancy. I made a rubber stamp of a cupcake and made all these bag toppers. Another production line developed and of course I had to leave them all spread out to dry.. it was a particularly windy week so I had to be really careful which doors and windows were open otherwise we could have ended up with cake stand postcards being stuck to cupcake toppers and that would have been VERY BAD. And with the windy weather I could not take anything outside to photograph in good old fashioned natural sunlight so forgive the crappy pics but at least you get to see some of what was created.
toppers & cakes

cakestand postcard
So, every press pack got a cakestand postcard, a little Fancy Nancy booklet with all the info inside with images etc. All designed by me. I'm loving the doily designs. It was lovely to work on a real girlie vibe with cakes and weddings and sugar coated possibilities. Here's the piles of booklets. Made from one page wonders...I'll have to show you how another time. 

Fancy Nancy
Inside each pack was a little decorated printed biscuit beautifully made by Fancy Nancy. I developed a great sense of willpower and didn't eat one. It would have been so easy to pop one into my biscuit sized mouth too. 

And here are all the finished pieces with the early morning sun glinting off them as they waited delivery.
Like a row of party bags for grown ups. Now, there's an idea.

waiting for delivery

Fancy Nancy loved them...and I love them for letting me 'show and tell'

Monday, 12 July 2010

⏆⌇glancing out of my reverie⌇⏆

garden shade
It would indeed appear that I have disappeared but it's not true.
I am here, mostly, hiding from the sun and converting garden rooms into studios
because inside became too dark, too warm 
and too separate from what was going on out there in summer.

It's been too glorious to blog, too hot to think, too bright for computers
and I had a little blogging break.
But not a break from anything else...
it's business as usual behind the hedge.

I still have unfinished business re: lino prints but then I started a whole lot 
of other may like to see a pile of cut sari cloth to be sewn into bunting.
I had to use those saris for something.
{before I go back and buy some more}
fly the flags for truth
And I found in my cupboard a bag of remnants from silk ties..which are now almost
mini bunting...{a delicious charity shop find}...see close-up below.
Rich & exotic jewels, like treasures from another world.
the song may already be drifting away
I have got more things to show you...if the rain carries on we could be in for a bloggy week.
I think everyone in blogland has melted into the shimmer.