Wednesday, 4 November 2009

┉ one page wonders ┉

Last week I had the pleasure of running artist's books workshops at The Southbank Centre for half-term. I was holding court outside The Saison Poetry Library which was word heaven for me.  All those books and publications to drool over.
The Poetry Library is a wonderful free resource in London and it is an oasis of calm on the fifth floor of The Southbank Centre. The workshops were great fun and I met some really lovely families joining in the creative jollities.
We were making books from one sheet of paper which is really simple and very effective with a smattering of applied creativity. And best of all, it was free to drop in and make.
I had a splendid time.
Pictured is one of our creations. "Motheaten"

I'm still collecting your Christmassy lists and hope to make some decisions by the end of the week. It's not far away is it? 
Gulp. I'm planning a proper family time and I am decorating my lounge in anticipation of my new couch which is scarily gorgeous and filling me with fizz. Please note that I get about an hour a day to proceed with said renovations which means I am living in a total chaotic slump. But it's nice to let it all go.  Shrug. 
Mess schmess...


chocolategirl64 said...

beauty in holes º°˚
love the South Bank ~ there's tranquility in that brutal concrete
snap! our couch arrives next month ~ chocolate brown and winter cosy
no list from me ~ everything I need is right here

Rebecca said...

Oh big sis...
you are such an inspiration :)

Becka Lynn Lee said...

Lovely book and I very much like the shadow it made. I forgot about these little books from one sheet, I think I will make one this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

Francesca said...

oh i love the poetry library. such an amazing archive. haven't been there for years, but you've reminded me. i'll go back when i get the chance.

Anna Betts said...

Oh yes, love that place too. Went to a beautiful exhibition there of Sam Winston's folded dictionaries a couple of years ago. Sounds like a fun day :)

Hannah said...

oh noooo i missed your list request!


but thanks for the poetry library tip off, ive never been!

Sabine said...

Thanks for the lovely tipp. I had no idea that there is a Poetry Library in the Southbank Centre. Sabine x