Monday, 16 November 2009

〖jumping through the week〗

Thanks to all you lovely dreamy people for sending me your festive lusts, I mean lists. 
It was fun reading them all and the one that I thought would make a 
grand design was this one which I have typeset and am preparing 
to have made into a printing plate. 
The only thing was sent by 'anonymous'. 
Please, please contact me anonymous. 
I want to thank you properly for 80% of designing my card.

Obviously I will share the making process, the swearing and thrashing of my Adana as it happens live from
behind the hedge.
It's been a couple of really busy weeks and looks like it's about to explode with busyness again. 
I am flying to India on 1st January so the blog will be going very "beyond" for a while.
I aim to keep you updated with tales from there which will predictably contain yogic anecdotes
and lots of talk of food and heat and my funny landlady. You are going to love her kitchen.
More on that soon.

I had a great time teaching rubber stamp making at The Make Lounge  

We've been making stamps like this and turning them into labels, tags and cards. 
Tremendous fun and I keep forgetting my camera to show you the amazing things people have been making. 
Will try to remember for the other workshops.

Tagged by Suzie {who seems to live an idyllic existence in France taking photographs (proper ones) visiting 
gorgeous places and no doubt drinking vats of red wine} to choose a 
song that makes me happy and I have chosen
because it made me happy when I was a kid and I remember my dad 
singing along with it trying to hold all the long notes. 
I still smile when I hear it now and it's almost always a lovely day. 
I don't usually choose songs that make me happy, 
I usually listen to dark things that make me feel a bit melancholic, 
which must be why I am so bursting with sunshine!
Can't find a video link to Bill Withers, 
probably because the song is as ancient as me.

But, I wanted to leave you with this video I found that makes my head 
feel funny and happy in a sad way?
Look, it's not easy being me.


suzie said...

hey Lou, some of your words are sort of disappearing. I'm not being metaphorical or arty farty, they really are being cropped on the rhs.
Anyhoodly, how dare you naff off to India for a holiday, and I'll be made jelly by your yogic anecdotes!

Thanks for playing along........ol' Bill Withers IS the king of the sustained note!
Looking forward to seeing your letterpress results....

nath said...

oh god, what a dreadful shit i am. i totally didn't send you a list did i? well, there's no way that mine would've been as good as that one. anyway, i am sorry. life has been very real in the last couple of weeks and i have lost my urge to blog somewhat. i hope to rediscover my missing mojo before long. sorry again. XXX

louloulovesbooks said...

Nath, darling girl...don't worry, tis nothing. It's easy to forget that all of us bloggers have lots of life going on that we don't blog about. I hope whatever it is is not too troubling and you can continue very soon, to entertain us with your fab pics and stories. Sending real love (none of that virtual stuff) XXX

Suzie I have no idea what is going on with my post, it's like I have a pesky goblin in my blog, I tried to rearrange and got bored fiddling with the words. I think it's the html flush.
Ahem, it's not a holiday! It's a deep exploration of my inner self, it will take me eight weeks to delve into the black hole of mindfulness. And, yes, jelly you shall be. For I will be like new and bendy and focused. And it's really scary going alone so hop on a plane and join me?

adventuringmaya said...

I'm so glad you're going to India as once I'm back in England (sob!) I'll have to be living my Indian experiences vicariously through you!

chocolategirl64 said...

the dance of life
some of us are always moving
some are gently walking
some are still


Francesca said...

loving those baubles especially.

louloulovesbooks said...

I forgot to mention the music and video is by Cornelius directed by Koichiro Tsujikawa...