Thursday, 24 September 2009

≋ chi-qi breakfast ≋

Early morning meanders with sea ruffles
and big deep breaths of chi≋
the lure of breakfast on the horizon. 
{the dipping heron has already taken his flicking fish}

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

·⋰· afternoon {de}light ·⋱·

Please excuse the lack of transmission, the heat has clouded my words


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

✿·····it's my party and I'll cry if I want to·····✿

Disaster struck today... made a postcard for my blog and planned to upload a few things when clickity click fizz...
my scanner stopped working... for no reason, I've checked all leads and plugs and even gave it a firm tap
but alas nothing. So, as I am about to jet off for my annual family visit to Turkey, I am sans scanner which is a 
pain because it means I have to probably buy a new one on my return. I do need it a lot for work so as always~
he giveth and he taketh away. 
So, if you have any scanny hints or recommendations, pray do tell.

On Sunday it is my birthday. I've been having a trip down memory alley and found these gems I scanned in last year. That's me showing off a stunning example of a daisy chain, I remember everything.. the dress, the day, my dear pa taking the shot. Sometimes a door opens in an adulthood that lets the childhood flood back in. 
Everlasting summers and roller skates and sisters. 

So whilst I am on my travels, visiting my sister and  hopefully reading and swimming and sunning myself; I hope you all keep yourselves safe and well and carry on blogging because I'll try to; internet connections allowing.

I'll leave you with this darling pic of my mama, papa and me, back in the day.
I am so loving my mum's hairwrap, my dad's playful stance and those divine pegs.
And my little curled toes.
Once upon a time, everything was perfect.

Monday, 14 September 2009

✣ladies & gentlemen:boys & girls✣

Forgive me dear friends for my delay, t'was a weekend of madness, work, family and the x factor.
I had to finish all these tomes for a special order and because I was making them decided to make a few more to put in the shop.
I really enjoyed binding these and finishing them without any disasters (said in French accent) is always a relief. I must turn purple with holding my breath whilst gluing out those precious papers that must remain white and pure at all times.

The books are mixed sketch books and notebooks made with various ephemera and good paper. The foredges look nice all lined up so you can see the insides.

But this is all to digress from the real excitement here 
Who won the giveaway?

I'm really pleased as her blog is so great and champions all paper/book artists everywhere and is a great source of inspiration and information. 

And here's the winning ticket, electronically produced

Congratulations to Eleanor and to me for managing to change my blogging habits of having all the images at the top and all the text underneath which quite frankly annoyed me to bits. 

Have a great week...

Thursday, 10 September 2009

✳•La Twig•✳

As promised, the story of Twiggy who landed in my life last Saturday.
A friend told me that she was looking for a temporary home for a rescued dog, I said, No. Not interested.
Then she came round for a cuppa with her and the minute I laid eyes on her I was smitten.
She has been a bit neglected, her coat is thin and patchy and dry, she was in a cage for a long time so her back legs are weak. She has got amber eyes and the sweetest nature. On the first day, I actually found myself filling up with tears as she gazed at me with adoration. She's so affectionate, well behaved. 
She doesn't beg for food, doesn't moult and I've never seen her jump up at anyone. These are all important to me. 
And I get to get up really early and take her for a walk which she loves and the first light is the best light so off we trot with camera and poo bag and we are a happy pair.
I'm not sure that she may have to return to my friend who is missing her but she agrees that Twig is very happy with me so it looks like she's here to stay.

This changes everything.
Including my waist line from all the walks.

Don't forget to leave your comments here for the Passport to Paris book giveaway.
It ends tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

---->me me me me me<----

Oh, I nearly fell off my chair,  I am on the front page of Etsy.
I'm just having a gleeful moment of glee
{And that's almost a poem}
Just had to share it

Sunday, 6 September 2009

✪ giving and receiving ✪

September... my birthday month. And my sweet sister gave me an early bird gift as I am off on my hols soon. This corsage from "seventyseventyone" . Not only do I adore my sister for going for the handmade gift which is close to my well being and that of the huge artistic community here on the widewonderfulweb, but that she made such a superb choice. The turquoise/teal corsage is handmade merino wool and soft as Twiggy's eyebrows (who's Twiggy? keep up, see blogpost below) it's one of those great accessories that will keep on working time after time. I can see it on a bag or a scarf or on my winter coat and it's going to look pretty fab just nonchalantly lying on my dressing table. 
(dressing table is a rather grand term for the big old mess that is a flat surface in my room) 
And it feels so nice I keep running my fingers through it to ruffle it up.

Gail at "seventyseventyone" does a delicious wrapping service 
(which is the understated joy of Etsy purchases)
and I love it. It takes the pain out of approaching forty effing six.
And my Mr didn't do too bad at taking the pic did he? And I felt ok about relinquishing control of the camera. 

For all late/newcomers, don't forget to comment on the giveaway blog postdown there somewhere

Saturday, 5 September 2009

♥hound of love♥

Somehow, I ended up with a dawg.
This is Twiggy, Twig or Twigster but never Twiglet.
Will tell all next week and promise not to bore you to bits with dog pics and tales endlessly forever into eternity...
Just one story to melt your frozen bloggy hearts

Friday, 4 September 2009

*76th post giveaway*

I have a new book in the shop
And to celebrate I am giving one away. YAY!
You know what to do, it's the usual leave a comment and I'll randomly generate
the numbers to choose a winner.
The book you will win will be dark blue and number 4/30.
It's got all the usual loulou ingredients,
domestic tangles and insects.
To read more about it just hop on over to Etsy.
I'll close the draw next Friday 11th September @ midnight
to keep things fair and square.
Thanks loyal bloggers, you're all swell.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tuesday, 1 September 2009 hundred and fifteen...

days til Christmas. Sorry bloggers to remind you. 
I've spent the last week up to my ears in antibiotics. I acquired a nasty infection and have been sleeping and dozing and reading and trying to make my brain work properly again. 
Today is the last day of my antibiotics and I'm so relieved to feel better. 
I've been making rubber stamps and Crimbo gift tags as samples for a project I'm doing. More about that later. But I thought I'd post this image as I felt blogging guilt and neglect.
Happy September everybody.
 {Quite possibly the most delicious month, in my book}