Monday, 14 September 2009

✣ladies & gentlemen:boys & girls✣

Forgive me dear friends for my delay, t'was a weekend of madness, work, family and the x factor.
I had to finish all these tomes for a special order and because I was making them decided to make a few more to put in the shop.
I really enjoyed binding these and finishing them without any disasters (said in French accent) is always a relief. I must turn purple with holding my breath whilst gluing out those precious papers that must remain white and pure at all times.

The books are mixed sketch books and notebooks made with various ephemera and good paper. The foredges look nice all lined up so you can see the insides.

But this is all to digress from the real excitement here 
Who won the giveaway?

I'm really pleased as her blog is so great and champions all paper/book artists everywhere and is a great source of inspiration and information. 

And here's the winning ticket, electronically produced

Congratulations to Eleanor and to me for managing to change my blogging habits of having all the images at the top and all the text underneath which quite frankly annoyed me to bits. 

Have a great week...


Eleanor said...

Yay! Thank you so much!

suzie chaney said...

those books look adorable,
and well done Eleanor (lucky bug!)

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Suzie...
Eleanor...your Passport to Paris is winging it's way to you at this very moment.