Thursday, 10 September 2009

✳•La Twig•✳

As promised, the story of Twiggy who landed in my life last Saturday.
A friend told me that she was looking for a temporary home for a rescued dog, I said, No. Not interested.
Then she came round for a cuppa with her and the minute I laid eyes on her I was smitten.
She has been a bit neglected, her coat is thin and patchy and dry, she was in a cage for a long time so her back legs are weak. She has got amber eyes and the sweetest nature. On the first day, I actually found myself filling up with tears as she gazed at me with adoration. She's so affectionate, well behaved. 
She doesn't beg for food, doesn't moult and I've never seen her jump up at anyone. These are all important to me. 
And I get to get up really early and take her for a walk which she loves and the first light is the best light so off we trot with camera and poo bag and we are a happy pair.
I'm not sure that she may have to return to my friend who is missing her but she agrees that Twig is very happy with me so it looks like she's here to stay.

This changes everything.
Including my waist line from all the walks.

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Becky said...

Oh she's gorgeous!