Tuesday, 31 August 2010

☀ 31st August ☀ {brighter hope}

31st August {brighter hope}

Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and comments around my August Break images.
And thanks for lurking if you did just that...I do it all the time.
It's been really quite nice to just choose one picture that epitomised my day 
and now when I look back at this August it's quite memorable in it's details 
because of this set of images.
It's been good to stay in touch with a picture.
And now on the threshold of September I'm hoping to bring you more words
If I can think of any?

Thank you for all of yours.

★ August 30th ★

30th August

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

▣ August 17th ▣ {not quite quiet enough}

17th August 2010
This is my lounge as of today. The fireplace has always been a bit higgledy piggledy raggle taggle gypsy O and I was using a chimenera from the garden as a stove which is dangerous and inefficient. I wouldn't advise it unless you fancy half the fire brigade stomping through your lounge. 
(hmmm, second thoughts anyone?) 

I longed for a new stove and had my nose pressed up against the stove shop window for most of the last four winters. And then I spun off into an extravaganza whirl and bought this little beauty. It was fitted yesterday and the guys showed me how to fine tune the air flow to make the stove heat the bones of my house. One burnt log later and I was stripping off clothes and fanning my hot flush face. (the fitters had actually gone by this time btw) 
Blimey. It works. Really really well.

So now the gypsy in me is happy and even more so that there is enough space to pop my little orange kettle to heat on the top. Darlings, I am NEVER going to leave the house except to gather kindling and waft past the fire station giving them the thumbs up. 
Can I confess though? I hastily painted the inside of the fireplace pink as it was so pale pale green and was not doing anything any justice, not even my complexion. But now as usual I am having a mini 'what have I done' crisis and thinking a riot of colour may not be the best way to express myself? 
Or do you think it will grow on me and it's just a bit 'fresh'?

And as you can see I need a 'g' to complete my 'lounge' statement, sometimes I need help as to which room I am residing in. But I do have a small 'g' that is on the desk for refurbishment but if you have any other spare letters it would be good to have a few options. A new fireplace game called Frabble. (which is alarmingly like Fireball) 
Postal address supplied on request.

As my friends would say... eff off, you're getting on our nerves now.

◦◦◦ a break from August break ◦◦◦

sewn sections
Earlier in the summer I found myself in a meeting about funding for the arts, I always find it quite hard to absorb so much information and then have the wonder of what to do with it all. Meetings like this can be really great for meeting other creatives and I met Martin who was interested in my book making and he kindly commissioned me to make a limited edition of ten books. He had a friend who had sadly passed away and had left a little sheaf of pages of writing all about the building of a bicycle. Martin wanted to turn the flimsy pages into something more substantial but all on a budget. So we had a meeting and came to some decisions and the following images are what we came up with. The original pages were printed on what appeared to be a dot matrix printer in 1995. I didn't want to change the look of this at all as it had so obviously been designed by the author as he chose and to replicate these kinds of texts can be time consuming and costly. So, I scanned all the pages, with their creases and dust and reproduced them exactly.

Then I joined and collated all the spreads and sewed them up into the book blocks. This was then bound into plain white paper covered boards. I then took a selection of bike parts; a spanner, a few cogs, some bolts, a spoke etc... These were begged and borrowed from a bike shop and were rather greasy and black. For my plan they had to be absolutely clean, so I covered them in tomato ketchup over night and washed them in the morning which made them silver and shiny like new. A brilliant tip that worked beautifully. Mentally file it, it will serve you well.
Then I used my nipping press to deboss the bike parts into the cover.


It's not exactly easy trying to show you these white on white images. Imagine white velvety covers with very tactile shapes with every tiny detail pressed into the covers. They felt so crisp. I was very pleased with the result and so was my client Martin. I did an edition of 10 with 2 artist's proofs. Each book had a unique debossed cover and was numbered as an edition.
It was really nice to be able to help Martin achieve his dream of getting something nice done with his friend's work. And I should think somewhere his friend would be very touched too.



edition of ten

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▼ silent august ▼

I've joined this project because I thought it would be nice to shut up for a while
So no drivel from me, just a pic a day.
For August.