Tuesday, 17 August 2010

▣ August 17th ▣ {not quite quiet enough}

17th August 2010
This is my lounge as of today. The fireplace has always been a bit higgledy piggledy raggle taggle gypsy O and I was using a chimenera from the garden as a stove which is dangerous and inefficient. I wouldn't advise it unless you fancy half the fire brigade stomping through your lounge. 
(hmmm, second thoughts anyone?) 

I longed for a new stove and had my nose pressed up against the stove shop window for most of the last four winters. And then I spun off into an extravaganza whirl and bought this little beauty. It was fitted yesterday and the guys showed me how to fine tune the air flow to make the stove heat the bones of my house. One burnt log later and I was stripping off clothes and fanning my hot flush face. (the fitters had actually gone by this time btw) 
Blimey. It works. Really really well.

So now the gypsy in me is happy and even more so that there is enough space to pop my little orange kettle to heat on the top. Darlings, I am NEVER going to leave the house except to gather kindling and waft past the fire station giving them the thumbs up. 
Can I confess though? I hastily painted the inside of the fireplace pink as it was so pale pale green and was not doing anything any justice, not even my complexion. But now as usual I am having a mini 'what have I done' crisis and thinking a riot of colour may not be the best way to express myself? 
Or do you think it will grow on me and it's just a bit 'fresh'?

And as you can see I need a 'g' to complete my 'lounge' statement, sometimes I need help as to which room I am residing in. But I do have a small 'g' that is on the desk for refurbishment but if you have any other spare letters it would be good to have a few options. A new fireplace game called Frabble. (which is alarmingly like Fireball) 
Postal address supplied on request.

As my friends would say... eff off, you're getting on our nerves now.


Lizzie said...

The game must be "Grabble" as you are hoping for a letter "G"...

The new stove is beeeeuuuutiiiiful! I would love one of these myself, but as it would cost over £1000 to remove our old flue-liner (from the back-boiler that was taken out when we replaced the boiler), then the several hundred for a new stove... well, we have an electric version, which is quite pretty and will do nicely thanks!

As for the piiiiink... I like it. But then, I am not living in the room... I would suggest not panicking as the first rule. Live with it for a while. Either it will "grow on you" and you'll love to snuggle up on a chilly autumn afternoon, watching the flames crackling happily in the stove, leaves blowing past the window and hearing the rain pattering on the panes; OR you will HATE IT!!! So much that you'll know when to go over it with a couple of coats of white and try again.
Pink is a very personal sort of colour. It grabs us at a very basic level and can affect us all differently. That pink is definitely an "impact" colour. But I like it.

Great post - made me smile, laugh and cheer a bit too!
Good luck with the little kettle idea!

Abigail Thomas said...

*envy; fireplace envy... even if it is pink...!


Carol said...

I love the pink inside the fireplace.

Francesca said...

no but i love it! that pink is perfect. i hope you'll get used to it. i love the rugs too, it's a great space.

we're thinking about a wood burner for this space: http://mrseliotbooks.blogspot.com/2010/08/abacus.html.

white might look good. need to unblock the chimney first! x

chocolategirl64 said...

stay with it for a while:
light changes with season, mind changes with wind:
am jell coz I want but don't have beans or chimney:
have granny blanket to keep off chills but not quite the same:
I spy hook proj ~.~

KindredSpirit said...

This is absolutely lovely. can i move in please?? I love the pink - it's warm and individual! leave it and see how you feel in a few weeks.

louloulovesbooks said...

Oooh thanks for the comms. It's funny how nostalgic we all get for the winter! It is a nice feeling being warm and cosy while the chill rages out there. I'm liking the pink at night with candles and glow but it seems a little harsh in the day. Am going to review in a week. Now I want to change the surround as that was made out of skip finds and a tin of gold paint but alas the purse is empty so I will wait for a solution. I'm not one for buying an off the peg solution. I'll think of something. And if I don't I'll live with it because I have my dream stove. Sigh* lucky moi
And if you're passing, come and warm your toes

Sarah said...

I think it all looks very cosy. I can imagine the pink in the glow of the candles. I really like the spotty rug.My brother had one of those stoves and I know how hot they are! I love the fact that your stove is white. I thought I had a rusty g but alas it is a K! You could have had it if it was a g!
Thanks for your comment-I am loving the animation tool! I love changing my banner-and am also indecisive-so can never decide on one! I did have the same one for a long time when I first started blogging but then realised how easy it was to change!

Gina said...

I love your lounge! All of it!!!