Thursday, 23 September 2010

♒ my Turkish birthday ♒

Dear Blogettes
I am having a lovely time in Turkey, it was my birthday on Monday and I celebrated by sharing a boat trip with some friends around the blue bays of the coast here. The sea was the perfect blue, the boat a little rickety, the lunch was all produced in a kitchen the size of a cupboard and was delicious.


The sun shone all day as it should on birthdays... beginning with the breakfast for Kings, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and bread, eggs and cherry jam...

breakfast for two


Leaping from the boat into turquoise seas and bringing forth birthday sea urchins for my delight.. 

a bay for us


Another treasure to add to my nature table...

beach findings
And the day ended as gloriously as it began, with tequila sunrises at sunset... all birthdays should be as beautiful as this for everyone.
a birthday finale

Monday, 13 September 2010

♍ you know it's autumn when... ♍

framing my sky
It's time to take the summer canopy down and pack away the bunting...
The sky is still wide and blue but I'm off on my annual jaunt to Turkey and I'm not sure 
the weather is going to be as pretty as this when I return...
So I pack away the summer into the drawer under my bed and 
not wish too much time away until I can retrieve it all...
taking down the flags
After all, I love the autumn and a chance to catch up on my crochet, 
my stove and my reading..
I think I achieve more in the winter months, longer evenings..
a sense of time drifting.
I bought this lined basket at the boot fair yesterday to store my wool in..
My wool was kept in a shoe box waiting for the right thing to appear.
Ta daaaaaa. £2. 
woollen picnic
I also bought this pretty book for 50 pence. I cannot resist a lovely looking book
even though I am as musical as a row of green ten bottles sitting and falling off a wall.
musical monthly
And I know it's Autumn when my lawn is dotted with fungi.
I feel very drawn to these otherworldly beings.
I'm going to sketch them just so I can determine their structures.

spores on breath

upside of longing
I'm bound to have some lovely images from Turkey to share with I'll be back soon.
Enjoy these late summer days. They are sweet and bitter.
I'm off to eat figs and gaze at mountains.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

♟ I always wanted to work in a library ♟

september index card

If you want to make index/library catalogue cards like this then pop over HERE.
It's a good way to waste some of your life