Wednesday, 1 September 2010

♟ I always wanted to work in a library ♟

september index card

If you want to make index/library catalogue cards like this then pop over HERE.
It's a good way to waste some of your life


chocolategirl64 said...

breathing the papermust smell and stamping inside covers:
turning yellowed pages of books on species:
intricately illustrated plates:
endpapers and ribbon markers:
all that hush:
what's not to love!

Dennis said...

I love this! We have such a similar style, it's crazy!

Sarah said...

I do like this-and would love to work in a library-but not my local one as they are all really miserable and unhelpful there! I wouldn't be like that if I worked in one! An old fashioned fifties library where they really used cards like this!

KindredSpirit said...

ahhhh those pre computerised days!

suzie said...

remember me? Hehe, trying to catch up with all my bloggy mates and wotnot.
I love September cos the day you posted this, I blew out *several* candles on my birthday cake

But kids back to school? Pants.

louloulovesbooks said...

Oh Happy birthday Suzie~might have known you were a fellow Virgo

Anna Watkins said...

Finally tried out the library card. How lovely. I could be doing it all day over and over and look at the different results.
How did you come across this site?
I was today just looking in to Helga cameras, then, Diana, the Rollei the new 50 mm lens then that took me to a friends blog that took me to phoographer's collective site, on and on and on so at the end of 3 hours i have got nothing done, nothing bought and the bed is still unmade. : )

louloulovesbooks said...

tsk tsk** unmade beds will never make themselves...
I can't even remember where I found it but I think it was on "meet me at Mikes" another blog. There is so much to look at everywhere and easy to get overloaded on it all. I have been trying to have a break from it...
you know?
walk away from the computer!