Wednesday, 9 September 2009

---->me me me me me<----

Oh, I nearly fell off my chair,  I am on the front page of Etsy.
I'm just having a gleeful moment of glee
{And that's almost a poem}
Just had to share it


suzie chaney said...

well done you!


chocolategirl64 said...

wOop WoOp
welcome to our world Etsy

nath said...

hey! whoo! that's so great! how did you find out? that always puzzles me!

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks girls...
I was so excited!
Nath, I just clicked on Etsy and there I was!
But I did get lots of traffic immediately and some sales and some convos so I would have known. But, I have since found out that if you enter your Etsy i.d onto this
it will tell you...other than that i'm not sure.
Hope that helps.

Alanna said...


louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Alanna
Nice of you to pop in!