Sunday, 6 September 2009

✪ giving and receiving ✪

September... my birthday month. And my sweet sister gave me an early bird gift as I am off on my hols soon. This corsage from "seventyseventyone" . Not only do I adore my sister for going for the handmade gift which is close to my well being and that of the huge artistic community here on the widewonderfulweb, but that she made such a superb choice. The turquoise/teal corsage is handmade merino wool and soft as Twiggy's eyebrows (who's Twiggy? keep up, see blogpost below) it's one of those great accessories that will keep on working time after time. I can see it on a bag or a scarf or on my winter coat and it's going to look pretty fab just nonchalantly lying on my dressing table. 
(dressing table is a rather grand term for the big old mess that is a flat surface in my room) 
And it feels so nice I keep running my fingers through it to ruffle it up.

Gail at "seventyseventyone" does a delicious wrapping service 
(which is the understated joy of Etsy purchases)
and I love it. It takes the pain out of approaching forty effing six.
And my Mr didn't do too bad at taking the pic did he? And I felt ok about relinquishing control of the camera. 

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seventyseventyone design said...

Hi Louise,
Thanks for the great write up. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you like your corsage.
Gail x

thesecretrose said...

Aw, thats so sweet :) and very versatile too!

suzie chaney said...

what a gorgeous piece of loveliness you have there you lucky girl! Must direct my sisters to your blog so they can pick up some sisterly tips!
And did you know all the best people have September birthdays? It's a scientific fact.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some comments, being a new blogger is a bit scary, and a bit lonely sometimes!
Have a great birthday and holiday!

valeasc said...

I have just checked out seventyseventyonedesign, so many beautiful things! I love the red corsage, it would make a perfect Christmas gift...look at me, already thinking of Christmas :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to *see* you again soon,

Rebecca said...

really enjoying your blog, I'm a sucker for book art anyway, so i gave you an pretty little award, hop on over to my blog to see it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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