Wednesday, 16 September 2009

✿·····it's my party and I'll cry if I want to·····✿

Disaster struck today... made a postcard for my blog and planned to upload a few things when clickity click fizz...
my scanner stopped working... for no reason, I've checked all leads and plugs and even gave it a firm tap
but alas nothing. So, as I am about to jet off for my annual family visit to Turkey, I am sans scanner which is a 
pain because it means I have to probably buy a new one on my return. I do need it a lot for work so as always~
he giveth and he taketh away. 
So, if you have any scanny hints or recommendations, pray do tell.

On Sunday it is my birthday. I've been having a trip down memory alley and found these gems I scanned in last year. That's me showing off a stunning example of a daisy chain, I remember everything.. the dress, the day, my dear pa taking the shot. Sometimes a door opens in an adulthood that lets the childhood flood back in. 
Everlasting summers and roller skates and sisters. 

So whilst I am on my travels, visiting my sister and  hopefully reading and swimming and sunning myself; I hope you all keep yourselves safe and well and carry on blogging because I'll try to; internet connections allowing.

I'll leave you with this darling pic of my mama, papa and me, back in the day.
I am so loving my mum's hairwrap, my dad's playful stance and those divine pegs.
And my little curled toes.
Once upon a time, everything was perfect.


Bingo Betty said...

Aww lovely pics gorgeous Mom. Have a FABBETYFAB birthday :-) xxx

nath said...

Louise, this is the sweetest darling-est post. i love those photographs of you and the way you describe a door opening and childhood flooding back in. it's a beautiful thought.

have a lot of fun on your hols and on your birthday!


p.s. no scanner help - we have one that Paul bought for a £1 at a carboot and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. it's like magic.

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Bingo Betty, stop reading my blog and get back to writing yours ;-) it's going to be the best blog ever girl, you've just got to write it. I think you should do one about Sunday lunch the other day, t'was hilarious.

Nath~Thanks for such a splendid comment, but more importantly I saw your plates on Wee Birdy's blog so exciting...they look great too.

Anna Betts said...

Lovely pictures! Sorry to hear about your scanner, maybe it will have fixed itself by the time you get back? My sewing machine once exploded and a huge black cloud of smoke came out. I turned it off for ten minutes and after than it worked better than ever!
Have a lovely time away :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Anna, that's exactly what I am hoping for...when i finally shut down the mothership (mac) and leave the building then lots of little pixies are going to take over and fix all the broken stuff, do the hoovering and weed the flowerbeds and make my scanner zoomy new. I'm also hoping they'll decorate my bedroom like a faded sandy washed out beach hut but that's just me being greedy!

suzie chaney said...

Scanny hints? My mantra is 'if in doubt, give it a clout';sometimes it works, sometimes it don't, but it sure makes you feel better!
And yes, I completely know what you mean about the adult world occasionally allowing us peeks back into our childhood, magical.

So I hope I'm not too late and you've already jetted off, but have a sooper dooper holiday and birthday!

chocolategirl64 said...

~ happyholibirthday in the sun ~

I think it's the nature of scanners, they're like cats of the electronic world and not for taming.
I've had mine since the dawn of the internet and it still works .... when it feels like it.
Please leave a note with my address on for the little people when they come.


Francesca said...

happy birthday! lovely pics. x