Monday, 12 July 2010

⏆⌇glancing out of my reverie⌇⏆

garden shade
It would indeed appear that I have disappeared but it's not true.
I am here, mostly, hiding from the sun and converting garden rooms into studios
because inside became too dark, too warm 
and too separate from what was going on out there in summer.

It's been too glorious to blog, too hot to think, too bright for computers
and I had a little blogging break.
But not a break from anything else...
it's business as usual behind the hedge.

I still have unfinished business re: lino prints but then I started a whole lot 
of other may like to see a pile of cut sari cloth to be sewn into bunting.
I had to use those saris for something.
{before I go back and buy some more}
fly the flags for truth
And I found in my cupboard a bag of remnants from silk ties..which are now almost
mini bunting...{a delicious charity shop find}...see close-up below.
Rich & exotic jewels, like treasures from another world.
the song may already be drifting away
I have got more things to show you...if the rain carries on we could be in for a bloggy week.
I think everyone in blogland has melted into the shimmer.


chocolategirl64 said...

❤ your delicious green tablecloth:
and stepping off the grid:

louloulovesbooks said...

CG-did you spot *foxgloves 2000* in the distance? They made a show after 2 years no show...puzzled but pleased. Stand by for spawn of *foxgloves 2010*

chocolategirl64 said...

oh that made me smile:
I didn't get a chance to take some from my old garden sadly:
I do love some plant legacy:

Francesca said...

gorgeous rich colours in this post. i too am slowly coming back with the rain!

Anna Betts said...

Likewise, and it's lovely to see all your colour Lou! There used to be a silk tie factory not far from where I used to live in Suffolk. Apparently you could buy silk offcuts, sadly never got round to it, but I'm glad you're doing something clever! xx