Monday, 29 March 2010

°Ah there you are!°

As you may have guessed I've been feeling rather unbloggy but that's just because I had to catch my tail after two months absence from normal activity. Lost in a heavenly world of daily yoga practise and towards the end of my trip, committing myself to twice daily meditations I was a serene haze of gauzy wrap and landing back here was a delight and then quite quickly a mildly depressed bruise. 

Having dived straight back in to work related activity and waiting out on the edge of winter keeping warm vigil behind the hedge I am slowly becoming more acclimatised. I keep exclaiming to myself "Ah, there you are" and then realising that it's not quite me and then doing it again a few days later. "Ah, there you are" but no, it's not quite me either. I think I may have reset or changed a channel slightly within me but I can only presume that it is for the better because I am not miserable or worried; just different. 

I think there is an outline of me still on a yoga mat in India eternally practising the Ashtanga primary series. 
Which is just as well because all good intentions and self promises are kicked over the hedge here.
There is much work to do.
From headstands to leaps of faith, it's time to get cracking.

For all of you who sent me so much love and encouragement on my Indian blogging I thank you and will bring you more aspects of Indian life as you requested. It's just that I've been struggling to even look at my images. It's coming.


Lizzie said...

From the sublime, to the mundane...
No wonder you are having some adjustment issues. It must all feel a bit unreal just now, after getting used to the rhythmn of life in India.
We, who have stayed behind and heard about your adventures second-hand, must wait for you to adjust, however long that takes.
But I so hope you don't get so lost in the "much to be done", that you lose touch with the "you" that is still on that yoga mat in India...
You found things out, made some progress, had some time to breathe. Don't let the rush and stress of everyday Western existence suffocate your dreams or subsume all the good things that you found within yourself.

Work sometimes should wait for Life to be lived.

louloulovesbooks said...

Guru Lizzie
Thank you hun!
It's so hard to keep hold of all the ribbons that delightfully found my hands. As someone cleverly pointed out recently, my dodgy hip ache comes from straddling two worlds.
But I'm still swearing like a trooper and eating chocolate for breakfast incase anyone was worried.

chocolategirl64 said...

yAy for chocolate breakfasts:
hear here for Lizzie's sentiments:
pupate a little longer madame butterfly: