Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ϕ Me and May ϕ

12 May 2010

gold earrings 12/05/10


nath said...

someone i once knew said never to trust anyone who writes in green ink. that's surely bullshit, no? anyway this is lovely.

i like (about May)

hedgerows full of frothy cow parsley and shocking pink campions.

wild garlic omelettes


We Have Band

fake turquoise and gold cocktail ring

upcoming flea markets to buy and sell at

and regretting not being a polymath



Lizzie said...

Lovely bluebells! And gold earrings, baked potatoes and Jasmine tea... I like May too!

If you want to be a tap-dancer, you could borrow my tap shoes. I still have them and they still work!

louloulovesbooks said...

Lizzie...I am well jell of your tap shoes.
I would have to put them on for domestic chores..tapping my way through the ironing and washing up, every day a Fred Astaire production X
Nath, your May sounds better than mine! And we are polymaths. Surely. Who's to measure us?

Francesca said...

dear may, my favourite month of the year, so full of hope and so pretty. but you are too bloody cold this year. i am still wearing my scarf and the heating is on full blast. please warm up a bit so i can wear my yellow sandals again.
best wishes,
eff x