Sunday, 20 March 2011

⫚ getting lost and the possibility of an earthquake ⫚

It's been ages. This is down to a couple of things. No electricity=no wifi=candles and early nights. This is good for catching up on sleep especially as it is cool at night and I can snuggle under a quilt reading by candlelight and drinking tea. (a hobby of sorts). I have also been throwing myself into the joyful division that is my work here in Kathmandu. It's very exciting and I really want to share with you images of the bookbinding and printmaking we have been doing but it is early days and I have to check with the boss that it's okay to publish these things and as he is really busy I don't want to disturb him with my minority blog reading requests. So stand by for gorgeous work images and I'll just take you with me to Darbur Square in Patan and the surrounding streets for a little tour of the Nepalese neighbourhood in which I reside, for now.

Darbur Square

If you look closely you can see the Himalayas in the distance. A feast for my eyes. I had been quite sick for a couple of days & had lived a well worn path between my bed and the bathroom for a while and this was my first excursion into sunshine and streets and the mountains made my heart lift. My legs were a little dehydration caused wobbly but I managed to snap some pics. I want to return here at dawn, no people and probably more magnificent if that is possible. I loved it all. This is a world heritage site and it's stunning. An architectural dream and you can wander all over the place and sit on the little temples and you get left alone. I can't imagine English Heritage being in charge of this slice of history.

sky sculpture

Then when I was meandering around this collection of stunning shapes and layers of history I decided to dip into a cool dark alley and had a cup of tea then promptly got lost on purpose. My new favourite thing to do. 

afternoon naps

I am so nosey, poking around streets where life goes on unchanging for people; despite the world mutating and morphing and nature's power changing the world in a heartbeat. Nepal is due an earthquake. It wouldn't cope. It is overcrowded, overbuilt and very unstable anyway. In the house I live in here, there are earthquake alarms and notices telling us what to do. Drop to the ground basically and cover your head or get under a table? It is unnerving and when I wander these streets I can see how fragile this whole city is. A deck of cards. I say my prayers that these lives continue unrocked for eternity.

scrape the sky with love

I give you pink spills


There are more images on my Flickr  page if you'd care for some more snaps! I will be back with the gorgeousness that is my job here. I am truly amazed and touched by what I am experiencing and am loving every moment of teaching and making with My Girls. Will tell all as soon as I get the OK and of course I know you will be waiting for the Trip To The Paper Factory post I am planning.
It was enough to give me the vapours.
Love from my little room in Nepal...
waiting for life


suzie said...

what an experience, these photos are so evocative….you take us with you. That sunny street with the flags is so beautifully captured. Yes, let's hope this place stays safe.
Can't wait for the heads up from da boss ^^

chocolategirl64 said...

such a place can't fail to lift the soul:
it looks precarious yet knows where it's at:
with streets made for wandering!
how's the sign language coming along?
lovelove ❤

gill said...

Hi Louise
What great pictures!
Glad you're feeling better now!
As a matter of interest what sort of temperatures are you getting at the moment?

Lizzie said...

How very lovely, Louise! What a place to wake up and fall asleep in... busy, yet peaceful; alive, yet ancient and slumbering; filled with human life, yet somehow a little bit holy and venerable...
I pray that the earthquake never hits here, that they can continue as they are, undisturbed by the world or the Earth's natural forces.
You are priviliged to be in such a place - I'm sure you know that, but it's lovely that you can make others feel how special it is.
I'm glad you are loving your work and that they are now "your" girls. It will be lovely to see photographs of the work you are doing and the paper-making (oooh, paper-making...I'm sooo envious!)
Bless you, Louise and stay well & happy!

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks so much...I love all your comments...
Gill, we are approx 26º in the day and 8º at night...
pleasant but there is a lot of pollution so the cool nights are nicer.
More soon

Carol said...

Louise, your photos really give a glimpse of the life you are seeing. I too hope that they never have that earthquake that is due. There's enough tragedy without that. I look forward to your future posts when you get permission to tell and show all. Stay well!

Francesca said...

louise, so wonderful. it's got my itchy feet itching again! love the photos, especially the street with bunting. x