Thursday, 21 July 2011

笇 Noodles and mountains here I come 笇

writing bones
If you could be bothered to decipher the above diatribe you wouldn't gain much from it anyway. I have a huge pile of lists of things to do and the more I tick the more I add.
I can't even tell you about my work at the moment as it involves 75 amazing six year olds and I can't post photos or details of it just yet. Maybe when the project goes public. All I can say is it has been BRILLIANT and the kids were gorgeous. I learned so much and ALL their names and feel quite sad to wave them all off to the juniors. We did an incredible design project and I feel I can pull a proud face.
Then another flurry of secret squirrel activity involving illustration, books and publishing which I also can't divulge on the bloggo. Not until it gets to print. I've a million ideas under wraps....I just have to be quite discreet until things start to bear fruit. Hence my complete lack of information. I'm sure you understand. 
So, I have got nothing to show and nothing to tell but just thought I would fly in before I fly out again next week on my mission to China. I'm sure I'll have some show and tell then. 
My suitcase has hardly cooled down this year and I may as well have left it packed.
Quite excited but apparently unfazed. Bored of sitting at airports and God Bless the iPad. For without it I would be a lonely traveller. Next blog post might invoke noodles, mountains and humidity and from my freezing feet here in summery/wintery July that sounds like a plan.


Lizzie said...

It sounds amazing... all of it! I loved the prose-poem/diatribe/list-of-lists...
Can't wait to hear what you have been working on - I love six-year-olds (in general), they are a fabulous age - still little and excited by life, still so receptive, but full of ideas, thoughts, stories, dreams that no-one has yet thought to tell them are not real... Six is a wonderful age. Your project sounds quite exciting!
Mind you, China also sounds exciting... is there room for me in the suitcase? I hope you have a fab time and that your job there is very successful too.
I'm sure the many lists will begin to come together and make sense, over the next few days. Meanwhile, try to find that energy for some Yoga; it can be energising in itself and may at least help to bring a feeling of order to the chaos?

jax said...

it all sounds so exciting and can't wait to see pictures from China, wonder if you'll find paper makers better take large suitecases ;D x

Simone said...

I have just discovered your wonderful blog. I have looked back a few posts and was salivating over the paper factory! Such a lovely selection of papers. I would love to learn bookbinding. For now I will have to learn by watching you tube videos. I hope the China trip goes well for you.

Carol said...

China! You continue to amaze and delight me. I truly look forward to your posts and photos from this new adventure. Best wishes for a wonderful new experience. xo

Francesca said...

couldn't remember if i'd commented already or have another amazing journey (i know you will). what an amazing time in your life, so rewarding and good for the soul. xxx

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks everyone and Fran you could be forgiven for feeling deja suitcase is opening and closing more times than my studio door at the mo....Oh well, time enough for creative work when I'm home again.
Stand by for postcards from China!

suzie said...

Fare thee well dear Loooobs. Off you go just as I'm dispatching a chocolate girl back to you!

Thank you lovely, for the inks.
Stand by for printmaking! {{*)}
mwah xxx

chocolategirl64 said...

can't wait for Eastern delightshare:
be safe x

Lynn Braz said...

Off to China! I'm eagerly awaiting your updates and also news of your new projects, Louise. Happy Travels.

palma violet said...

hello lovely loulou,

your website is still my favourite, and I'm so glad to have found your blog now too. Are you teaching anything that us grown-ups can join in on?

XX Kerry

louloulovesbooks said...

Please send me an email and tell me which Kerry you are??
It's lovely to hear from you