Friday, 7 March 2014

⚛ The Greatest Show on Earth ⚛

I am running in circles and squealing at my decision to take a sign painting course....
A fairground art sign writing extravaganza.


I've been drawing and doodling lots of letter forms lately and whilst living in London I see some very splendid signs and handwritten notices. I have always been drawn towards 3D and shadow work in letterforms and when I was a teenager 3,000 years ago it was all I did when I had a piece of paper and a pen. I didn't know about typography or fonts then. Only album covers. 

As part of my commitment to learn something new every year (last year was doing my maths GCSE which I passed ..YAY but it wasn't very exciting, it was very useful when I had to work out how many materials to buy for my new workshop-more on that soon) this year, I have chosen to go on this sign writing course. Quite simply, I want to paint signs. I want to know what kinds of paints to use and how to use one of those sticks with a ball on the end for support. There must be a lifetime of learning to absorb. I am sure I will be full of terminology and lung damage from inhaling paint fumes after my week of study. Of course, I am not going to be an expert after a week but I have got some of the skillz needed surely? The course is taught by a very skilled traditional fairground painter and that is the style we will learn. In a working fairground yard with real life examples all around us. Can you imagine? What a thrill.

Here is a circus inspired picture  I made last year. I only had a box of cheap child's paints but I really got into using them, the pastels seduced me and I ended up raiding the local toy shop for a lifetime's supply.

The colours inspire me, I might see if I can make a pastel coloured circus style sign...lead myself away from the traditional style. I guess it will depend on the materials available.

I've been pinning HERE onto a circus/fairground board for inspiration...feel free to send me any via pinterest. 
I'm already worried about Ms and Os and Ss. I've stopped obsessing about building materials and I'm back on track thinking about Words. 
Delicious words, letters and swirls.

I can't wait. It's not until November so I have ages to decide which word I should paint first? 
Any ideas? 
What word or short phrase would you paint?


chocolategirl64 said...

I love the vibrant paper cut outs of Matisse in his cirque phase:
what a brilliant thing to learn, I'm jealous but I know I'd be rubbish at it!

Alex Seaford said...

How fantastic! A cornucopia of sparkles and tumbling limbs 'breathe, balance,be calm' would be mine

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm ladies, I'm a big Matisse circus fan and Picasso did some gorgeous circus prints I was lucky enough to see with my real eyes (as opposed to digital ones) once in Barcelona. I am still looking for The Word though. It's like thinking about a tattoo, I will never be able to decide. I might just do THE or BECAUSE or INDECISIVE.

Anonymous said...

Poppy would suggest 'narwhal'.
But that's not very circusy.
Sounds like a cool course!

suzie said...

Hello there!
Well, here we are again, tied together by our circus umbilicus. Jaloux of the signwriting - in a real fairground! Swoon! Delicious and exciting indeed!

P.S I see you don't have tumbleweed issues round your parts :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Suzie, I am actively conspiring not to have tumble weed around my hop anyone?

Lizzie said...

Picassooooo!!! I love his prints of Pierrot... and circus stuff.

You need a "Louloulovesbooks" Sign, don't you?