Saturday, 3 May 2014

⧉ Yinka Shonibare and The Brighton Pavilion ⧉

Yinka Shonibare-The British Library
The Old Reference Library 
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery 
Royal Pavilion Gardens 

I had the pleasure of working on this vibrant life affirming project in the last few weeks. It has now opened in Brighton so if you are having a day beside the seaside this month then it's well worth catching. Even if only to gasp at the enormous vitality of so many African/Dutch fabrics in one place. Stunning. And it's free. MORE DETAILS HERE

 "Yinka Shonibare MBE’s new site-specific installation explores the impact of immigration on all aspects of British culture and considers notions of territory and place, cultural identity, displacement and refuge"

As an esteemed and valued visitor to this blog you get the behind the scenes shots of one of the studios where all the books were bound by a merry band of binders including yours truly who truly loved every moment. 

Those colours contributed to our happiness and well being as well as all the mugs of tea, chocolate bourbons and custard creams we consumed for 8 hours a day. It was a great job and expertly executed even if I do say so myself. I'm in my element surrounded by books, fabric, glue and scissors. And nice people.

 Tea, biscuits, old books, and life stories. A glorious way to spend an afternoon or 1000 years as far as I am concerned.

Working with all those old books was really exciting, pulling off old dust jackets to reveal wonderful debossed type into book cloth underneath. 
All rocking up to inspire my typography experiments of late. 
This book was 1970s flower arranging torture but the cover sang to me.

And this cafe was around the corner from the studio, it's sweet hand painted sign a leapfrog of yellow on a high blue Spring day. Isn't it enough to make you smile? 

In quiet moments (not too many of those) I've been reading Ken Robinson's 'The Element'. It would be so exciting if education could incorporate a bit of heart led activity so our children end up doing something they really love.

What's making you feel in your element this week? 


Lizzie said...

Wow, lucky Lou!! It looks like so much fun and the results are truly stunning.

The random ramblings of a magpie mind said...

Simply stunning patterns and fabric, and what an amazing installation! How lovely to immerse yourself in books and fabrics; enhanced with tea, bickies and wonderous people! X

Laura said...

Wow, that would've been my dream job! Such a gorgeous selection of fabrics. I've recently been making blank books using my mum's old Malaysian batik. Love the patterns and vibrancy. Wish the ollection could go on tour up to Leeds library!

Louise said...

Thanks for all your comments...I'm hoping the installation goes on tour but it's a logistical nightmare as it is a very heavy and bulky collection of books. I'm not sure what they can do with it at all, even storing it would be a problem. It will be interesting to see it's fate. I would love a shelf filled with them. {*}

Lubna said...

What an amazing experience for you. I would've loved to have taken part in this fantastic project :-) Thanks for sharing your behind the scenes details. I would love to see this installation come to London, may be at the V&A or even The British Library itself. I understand the difficulty in packing and transporting all those books but Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Rd London have just moved lock stock and barrel to new premises with absolutely thousands of books. So it is do able:-)

Louise said...

Thank you for your comment Lubna. I would also like to see it in London or even go on tour but I know a box of 25 books was pretty heavy so 10,000 would be a challenge. It needs an articulated truck and some muscles. Hats off to Foyles for a move like that. They probably did it in smaller stages.

Anna Betts said...

So Lovely! I'm totally with you on this, books and tea and fabric = some happy days! xx