Tuesday, 1 September 2015

❊ Blogging, I love you but I'm not in love with you ❊

Hello all.

Something something, long time, busy, boring something something.

I spurned Instagram for a long time.
Really, I was not interested at all.
All I ever saw were dodgy looking digital polaroids with stock special effects that made everything look exactly the same.
My phone was the last place I wanted to take an image as I love(d) my camera.
Downloading images and then uploading them again is a pain when you've got thousands of snaps.
So Instagram and I never really hit it off. We weren't clicking. (forgive me)

I had embraced Twitter from the very start and it's still my go to place for news, political comment and the deepest LOLs I've probably ever had. I loved it because I felt anonymous and I didn't have to say much and I didn't have to say anything to join in. And I could peek at it whenever I felt like it, a non committal stream of consciousness.

Facebook? Meh. I haven't quite got to the smugness of deleting it as I love the community groups I belong to at my various world wide adopted homes. But it's pretty bad, all that Fakebooking. Telling people how much you love them in an online status gives me the creeps. WE ALL LOVE OUR CHILDREN. lol. And I rarely share my creative or travelling life on there. Not for me, the same post on Twitter, FB and Instagram. I am 3 different web personas, I don't even know who I am generally.

Meanwhile Blogging, hanging around, collating images, uploading them, being clever and interesting and relevant? I lost the art of it. I was/am spending all day on a screen for work (creating online content, visual and educational) the last thing I ever felt like doing to unwind was writing a blog entry, on a screen and evaluating my images as though they were important.

Then I got a new phone. With a brilliantly scary clever camera. Suddenly I was up and running on Instagram like millions and millions of others.
Now I love it. No politics, no misconstrued 'likes' or 'shares' or weird comments, no one I really know in real life. I'm so Instagram these days, it's up there with my top 3 most visited internet lands for inspiration and mind candy.


I'm posting too, some of the little things I create. A glimpse at my non work life which consists of all the places I am lucky enough to live in and some of the work I make in my sketch books along the way. The Indian cows you see up there are my new obsession. Painting them in the evenings, I detest TV so I draw and paint. And now I am posting the results.

It's so much easier to post. Click and post.
The world is galloping along at 10,00000000 knots a minute and we are too.
Eventually our brains will turn to mush but until then....


That's me....on Instagram

I still follow your blogs, I read them on the bus or train or plane.
They still make me feel warm and friendly and happy and inspired.
So if any of you have Instagram accounts please let me know your user names in the comments or by following me?
Then I can visit you too. And 💜 💙 all the way to brain mush.


Sarah said...

Hi! Interesting to read this-I have similar feelings though still want to blog sometimes. Funnily enough I just tried instagram again yesterday after renewing my password again! I only have three photos on there at the moment but am toying with the idea. I like Tumblr as it is so full of interesting things and images and I can do speedy posting from my phone. I love pinterest too even though I poo pooed that at first.
I will look for you on instagram! I think I am sarahjeanwallis.
Love the cows nearly forgot to say that! I like the decorations they have and the expression of the first one made me smile.

Louise said...

Hi Sarah! Nice to hear from you....
I will go and add you on Gram!
Thanks for the cow compliments...

ronnie said...

isn't it funny how we all like different things..... I tried twitter -- but it just didn't gel ( maybe it was the limitation to 150 characters, it felt so unsatisfactory...). I can't stand pinterest (too much failure to acknowledge attribution or link to source and so much stealing of arty works --- blerrrgh!) I'm not into instagram (maybe I just need a snazzy new camera/phone?) I don't mind farcebook (perhaps because I severely limit my friends? --- I avoid all the 'aren't I just the greatest' posts by having sane friends!) -- I get to chat with like-minded folk from over the oceans.... as as for blogging --- like many I seem to have lost a lot of my personal enthusiasm for posting -- even though I'm posting one single piccie a day at the moment - just from my time out looking up --- but I don't have much to say..... maybe its time to turn off all the online-ness and just go outside into the garden and do some weeding..... (but then I wouldn't be here dropping you a line would I?.....)

Louise said...

Hello Ronnie, it has been ages!
I will go and look at your daily pics.
Going outside is a very good idea, I always feel better for it.
Grounding ourselves.

Thanks for dropping me a line, I shall be over your way having a nose tomorrow.