Sunday, 26 July 2009


To see my new books in detail..pop on over to my Etsy shop
I am attempting to get all my new things on there
this week. It's all been building up for quite some time.
It takes ages as you all know, the right images, the right photographic conditions,
writing copy, working out shipping.
Then, there's also the cooking, washing, getting drunk,
snoozing, shopping, painting, drawing, talking that I have to fit in anyway.
And that's just the weekends.
This is not a complaint,
just a statement of facts.
I wouldn't swop places with anyone.
Except maybe someone with alabaster smooth hands?
Me and Madonna? our hands give it away.

1 comment:

Bingo Betty said...

Just had a shufty at your Etsy shop again, its looking brilliant Mom xxx