Sunday, 20 December 2009

✱ 100+counting ✱

I've been snowed in and's been upside down, inside out crazy here behind the hedge and now a calm has settled on us like the snow,  home has never felt kinder and never tasted sweeter. I am grateful for warm beds and fires and to all the kind wishes and thoughts I have received recently via seasonal greetings. 
We had a great snowfall, the light has been a magical blue and I've had a rotten stinking cold, it always happens after the busiest times, 
guard down, germs in. 
But now, presents are wrapped, food is bought, orders are completed and it's time to enjoy a few days with my precious people until I fly to the sun and mystical magical India. This blog is going to come with me & I hope you'll join me on my travels and adventures, power cuts withstanding I should be able to keep my online diary which has been a life saver more than you'll know. This is my 100th post and while I feel like it should have trapeze artists and balloons and tumbling clowns it's just me saying thank you. 
Thanks for your encouragement and friendship and all the reaching out and connecting that goes beyond this page. It can be lonely working as a lone ranger and the blog really helps me work things out sometimes. A letter off of steam and a place to rant. So thanks for keep dropping by, I love to see you all, the kettle is always on.
I want to wish you and your loved ones a magical winter party, a celebration to drive away the demons and ghosts.
Let the love in... It's Christmas! Yay! 


nath said...

lovely Lou. i wish you a restful and wonderful Christmas and a joyful adventure off to magical India. i can't say i'm not a bit jealous! but i'll console myself by living vicariously through you and your diary.

p.s. thank you too! it's been such fun getting to know you a bit.. X

Francesca said...

happy christmas louise! great post. hope 2010 brings you much joy. x

Anonymous said...

lovely post, sis and by the way I LURVED (loved, loved)your xmas card and every time I phoned you this week, I was actually calling to say thank you and then forgot! Enjoy the sofa x

Jane said...

Well done on 100th post, you are a fortunate soul travelling to India, I wish. Happy Xmas. xoxo

suzie said...

Hello sweetness, How silly of you to get yourself a cold! Your beautiful card has arrived and has been given a special hanging place, it will be much treasured.
I too wish I could come to India with you, bah!
Have a wonderful christmas, so glad we 'met'.

As afterthought, it does look a little like you have stabbed that poor horse in the back with a christmas card. I hope no animals were harmed during the filming process :)

chocolategirl64 said...

so pleased to have re-connected with you lovely Lou :
bated breath for travel tales and indian images :
wishing you and yours a colourful christmas :
love & peace *and alliteration*


Bingo Betty said...

Happy Crimbo, Mam x

louloulovesbooks said...

You lovely lot...good job I'm not going to miss you as you'll all be coming with me in my laptop...hooray.
Suzie, no horses were hurt in the making of the winter tableau..the horse has a little slot in it's back like a money box for holding messages. He didn't like the snow on his feet though so I popped him by the fire to recuperate.

Dear Charles said...

Happy christmas Louise,
Hope you've got rid of your cold now and you have a marvelous time in India, the paper stars will all be out right about now wont they?

louloulovesbooks said...

Dear Dear Charles, we have half a ton of those paper stars here, remember the entrepreneurism of my eldest? One day they will stop making them and we will be millionaires I tell you
(well, I will be as I charge for storage~daily rates)
I hope we see your fair features around the place over the festives...Happy C & NY to you too

Francesca said...

thank you for the card. it's gorgeous! x