Friday, 1 January 2010

·········✈ passport/ticket/visa/suitcase

!Good Morning 2010!
it's 6am on 01/01/10
the house is quiet, the streets are quiet
I might be the only person awake for miles 
(excluding those that haven't gone to bed yet)
There has been a deep frost outside and I'm sitting next to my suitcase
I'm about to get dressed and head to the airport to travel to India.
Right now, I cannot imagine the heat, it's freezing here, but I will be wearing my sandals as 
I have every reason to believe it is hot where I am going.

I always feel mixed up before a big journey
but I really love airports which stops me getting too stirred up

Happy beautiful 2010 
Let's move it along now.
2009 was so 2009


chocolategirl64 said...

what a fabulous way to start the year :
enjoy your beautiful adventure :
bon voyage my friend :
you'll be in my thoughts as ever :
can't wait for postcards from beyond :
*wonders if she took a 'hook' but suspect they make gorgeously carved ones there which I will covet*

Ticking stripes said...

Looking forward to hearing all your adventures!

suzie said...

Have a wonderful and safe journey, I'm missing you already.....hurry up with a postcard for us.


6am? I surfaced at about noon today, for food.

Becka Lynn Lee said...

Bon voyage. I am looking forward to reading about India and the photos - I can't wait. Have fun.

adventuringmaya said...

Have a fantastic trip Loulou,
throw your arms around India for me


adventuringmaya said...

Just received your lovely card....thanks so much for that

the letters i wish i'd written said...

I love airports too, so many people to look at! Have a wonderful adventure and I agree, 2009 was so 2009, it's all about 2010!

Francesca said...

have an amazing trip!