Sunday, 3 January 2010

ↂ my heart stops and starts in Terminal 5 ↂ

Gold toes by WAH
Washing by Pushpa
Light shaft by India
Breakfast pancake by Pushpa
Chai by Pushpa

The noise here is neverending, it always amazes me just how ear assaulting India is. From arriving at the airport to the mad crazy frightening taxi ride to my destination. Easing into sleep and waking up is all conducted under the huge canopy of noise that is barking cicadas, street sellers screeching, dogs banging, doors howling, scooters crying, shouting radios, kids pecking, chickens crying, televisions chanting, cars clicking, trains squealing...

it’s only annoying if I let it be  
I have to get straight into my India shrug it off mode 
and wobble my head in resignation.

Earplugs were invented for this. 

Tomorrow I begin my yoga boot camp, it’s been at least 3 weeks since I did a full practise and at 6am tomrrow I shall be starting a regime that will last every day for 8 weeks and in theory should continue when I get home but ....{we could all fill in all kinds of excuses here} It will be 2 hours of hard practise and I know the sweat will run off my nose after my first forward bend. It hurts and it works. Mentally and physically.

And that’s why I come to India. 
To be able to breathe, to practise my neglected yoga, to reflect on a year past and to be able to move forward with more courage and more spirit. 
We are all bombarded with life and here I can press a pause button 
and watch life 
instead of being swept up in the mad fairground of it all. 
And for this I give thanks and realise that I am blessed enough to be this independent or this adventurous 
(and I have to tell you that sometimes I am terrified) 
to be able to leave it behind and just be here. 
I’m so lucky. This place is special.

Incase you are wondering I am staying in an Indian home filled with love and the best home cooking imaginable. My host and friend is Pushpa. If you want to know how I met her you need to read this...we are friends for life now and she looks after me as though I am her child and believe me that is just what I need right now. Anyone who has performed motherly or caring duties for years on end, needs, nay, deserves a helping of Pushpa. 
If you want to come here, I’ll share her. 

Mistake of the day~ wearing a t-shirt with Lakshmi on it (God of Wealth) and having metallic golden toenails. 
I can only call it mobbing by four year olds. 


Anonymous said...

gorgeous - i dream of pushpa!

nath said...

AMAZING! i really envy and admire you. oh, i should do more (some) (any) yoga. what a wonderful thing to do with 8 weeks of your life. i love the photographs too. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy (and share).


Emma said...

Envy! I am reading your lovely post whilst ill in bed with a stinking cold. Its cold and wet and horrible in England, and I am reading 'My family and other animals' to fantasise about being somewhere warm! Have an amazing time! I will look forward to reading the posts. xxx

chocolategirl64 said...

I look forward to the day I can have real chai just like that ~ one day I shall ~ when Libbie has grown and my adventures can begin :
*meanwhile twinings will have to do*
there you go again with your washing lines ^_*
keep them coming x☯❥

Lucy May said...

loulou, your words soothe me into a new year. I need calm of your yogic insight and the excitement of your indian soundtrack. You do (and always have) inspire me. xxkissesxxangelxx

Rebecca said...

I am so grateful to have such a cool and wonderful and creative and sensitive and fucking awesome big sister.

Have fun in Inja.
Have a hot sweaty practice for me.

Fancy stopping off in LA on your way home?


louloulovesbooks said...

Ladies, you lift me up with your messages, thank you so much...
Becca, only yesterday I was thinking it's about time I came to LA. I will plan it for this summer. Stand by for sister explosion.
LMS I miss you lamb heart...
CG That 'one day' comes around sooner than you think...washing line heaven here
Emma~get well soon...
Nath~ you are AMAZING, thanks for the encouragement
MSL~ you deserve to be wrapped up by Pushpa, she is such a bossy mum, lie down, take rest, have shower, wash your hands, eat now...i love it, i don't have to think at all!

suzie said...

I can't begin to explain the bizarre shade of veridian I have turned reading this. I would love a Pushpa of my own, and 8 weeks of yoga bliss!
I too struggle to fit in regular practise....a boot camp sounds perfect.
Thank you, thank you for this beautifully detailed and open post. I know you will continue to inspire me in 2010, honeybun. xx

adventuringmaya said...

So very inspiring. Soak up every minute of it, the good and the bad...
I LOVE the story of how you met Pushpa - that was MORE than meant to be.
Keep those stories coming.
Lots of love, chai and asanas xoxox

Bingo Betty said...


Lizzie said...

It all sounds so lovely. I would like to take a week or two out of the routine (and the cold), to restart my yoga practise - suspended for too long by ill health and an accident.
I hope you enjoy every second of your time away from the every-day.
Pushpa sounds so nice...