Friday, 1 October 2010

♕ queen of shops ♕

I'm back in the rain and grey and gloomy doom. I thought you might have had the decency to have an Indian summer waiting for me but alas only the grey carpeted corridor of Gatwick greeted me and my 20 kilos of luggage. My luggage was packed with my purchases of wool from the haberdashery shop in Turkey.
Knitting and crochet are very popular pastimes in Turkey. It's very hot in the summer but becomes cooler in the winter especially in the mountains. Even in the warm days that I was there I saw older people with woollen hats on and shawls & knitted socks appearing in the shops.
I am teaching myself to crochet and very nice it is too. I am not very accomplished but I am enjoying making little granny squares and it keeps my idle hands busy. So to the wool shop I went to buy some pure Turkish wool for my blanket which I will deem a family heirloom before I have begun.
The shop was divine. The proprietors spoke very little English so I just swooned around them and they didn't mind me taking a few snaps which I knew you would all love to see.
It was a haberdashery heaven...

Alladin's cave

wool shop

The wool choice was staggering in colour and grade and it was all so much cheaper than here. Pure 100% wool was 4 Turkish Lira for 100 grams which works out to around £1.70. And the hanks of wool worked out much much cheaper than that. And if you didn't mind an acrylic mix then you would pay a few pence a ball. Not Fair is it? That's the problem with living on an island that isn't self sufficient anymore. Grrr. We should have lots of good value home spun wool. I thought we had loads of sheep?

pure Turkish wool

Check out those colours?

button blooms

Every type of button you could possibly need?


And reels of ribbons galore...

ribbons on reels

ribbon bundles

zippedy doo dah

Zips and...
Trim and lace...
apple tea break
And the sweet couple running the shop bought us Apple Tea on a tray. It's just normal behaviour in Turkey. They don't do that in John Lewis do they?
I'll keep you posted on the crochet's my new going out. 


Francesca said...

hey! you've been to india this year, don't be greedy and expect an indian summer too! it is horrid though, i'm sorry you had to return to this.

great pics and i love that they brought you tea, lets pop it in the suggestions box at john lewis. x

Sarah said...

You missed the Indian summer-that was last week, on, I think, Wednesday, then it was winter on Friday, and today October has brought us Autumn!
I love the look of that shop-so much choice! I wish I could crochet, maybe I will give it another go some day.
I went to a Turkish family's house to do a home visit for a child joining our nursery. We went at about 10.30 and were treated to one of the most delicious breakfasts I have eaten. There was mince and pittas, tea and bread and jam, olives, cheese, and the best thing was the tea-it was a social event-there was a great teapot and hot water jug that stood on top of each other and we drank our tea black but sweet from those little glasses. I could have been all reserved and English and said no, but I was so touched at their hospitality and hungry too!

nath said...

cor, amazing, what a glorious trove of treasure. my mum is going to Turkey on Sunday, perhaps i will ask her to bring me something back...

Carol said...

What a wonderful shop, and how lovely to be served tea! I can see why you'd be tempted by the wool; great prices and choice. Enjoy your crocheting.

KindredSpirit said...

love these pictures - i would be in sheer heaven!!!!

chocolategirl64 said...

lorks I would pack a bikini and a thong then fill my case with sumptious bargain wool:
because I'm worth it ^_*

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks luvvies. All great comments...
CG~You would be amazed at how much room 2 kilos of wool takes up. It was the size of a dustbin bag. Next time I'll take one of those plastic bags you vacuum the air out of.
Sarah~the Turkish breakfast is possibly my world's fave brekkie...alongside an Indian one. How lucky to have an invite from the family.

Ria said...

Just came by to take a look, found your link on annemarie's link your stuff! Love your pictures about the turkish shops and you make me realize l have to enjoy every time l can see this in real life, l life in Turkey for a few years now. And look at that tepsi (the plate they serve the tea on) is even in style, l would like to have one like that!! Love from Turkey, Ria!

louloulovesbooks said...

Oh Ria...Thanks for dropping by. I love Turkey, such a friendly warm place to live. My sister lives there so I get to visit a lot. The wool shops are the best I have ever seen and there are so many of them! I guess the Turkish women like to make things..warm clothes for cold winters. After the heat of the summer, winter must feel so much colder.

ria said...

yeah, you are right, turkish women like to be busy with their hands!!l'm happy to live in the south-west part of Turkey so the winters are not too cold overhere! Where does your sister live??

louloulovesbooks said...

She is near Fethiye...I just had a look at your images...very nice. I love your crochet. I just ordered some white wool from the shop in Turkey for my sister to bring, I think it shows off the Turkish colours very well. Is it Alize wool?

Are you curious about me? said...

After seeing this post I am off to book my flight to Turkey... I wish... Wow! what a shop, I have never seen anything like it you must have been in heaven.

J Kenny said...

My sister is currently drooling over the keyboard looking at your post on the haberdashery shop in Turkey (Shes a textile Artist).
I on the other hand like the look of the apple tea :-)

I like your blog alot.
Take care.