Wednesday, 22 December 2010

✰ Christmas Past & Christmas Present & a peek into the future ✰

We all have our Christmas 'traditions' don't we? Our very own family quirks and routines that make this time of year so loved and dreaded in equal measures. I loved Christmas when my girls were little, so many ways to excite and surprise them with imagined sounds of sleigh bells and decorating fresh trees that were always too big for the house. Velvet stockings with gold trim stuffed with gifts and satsumas and apples! We have the same fairy that we had then and a whole box of decorations that exude memory and occasion. (all a little tired but that's the point)

our fairy
I went through a phase of loving Christmas, then hating it and refusing to play ball at all and back to loving it again. I'm loving it again. It's peculiar and it's ours. My beautiful girls and their various splendid friends, my gorgeous mum and my lovely other dad, various loved family members, friends and friends of friends. Whoever wants to come really. I cook and cook and cook, after I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and shopped and shopped and I love it when we all sit and eat and we are there, right then, around the table on a variety of chairs, all of us alive and laughing and bickering or smiling or lost in thought. Because there are those that we miss every day in every way but there is always a candle lit in memory, a flickering constant prayer. Sadness is a side dish of Christmas.

I wish all of you a very special time this season.
Thanks for being there reading this and giving me a massive ego boost now and then.
It's most welcome. It's so good to get to know you all...I have found so many new friends through this blog and although I haven't met all of you in person I do feel such a nice connection so thanks for taking the time to share my world & letting me in to yours.
It's been a welcome distraction.


So, to the breaking news. I am going on another of my trips. In the new year. This time I am off to India (again) to get back on my yoga practice that I fell off of and am missing incredibly. I will really look forward to a strict regime again. I crave getting up early and laying down my mat and flowing through some breath and stretch and making the space in my heart bigger. I have let it dangle and I can't do that, I have so much faith in the power of yoga. 

And then, ta daaaaaa I am going to Nepal. Kathmandu. This is so utterly thrilling for me as I am going to work with a charity and teach printmaking and bookbinding skills to children/young adults and hopefully help them design, package and market goods to sell; which will benefit them all long term. And benefit me by having a whole lot of new people and places to visit. Isn't it amazing? I am so lucky and I know that deeply I am blessed and I thank the amazing fortunate events that have brought me to this point. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It is a bit scary, a big adventure, but sometimes I just have to take a leap and jump.  I have never been to Nepal, so will have brand new fresh eyes and that's the best for sharing. This does, of course mean that I will be sharing my adventures with you too. When I see it for the first time, so will you through my words & images. Through this blog. Which is nice for me as it helps me keep a little toe here in England. My home and hearth and heart are here. They always will be. The wanderlust is rousing me, I have to go and see, again. So, Mysore, Delhi and I couldn't have imagined that years ago when I first bought the fairy. 

I do get homesick and I do get lonely and I miss my family too much but I also Want To Do Something. So this is my attempt at Something and hopefully it will be Meaningful. With the internet and Skype and Twitter and Facebook there are many ways to keep in touch with my family in between the power cuts and the dodgy phone lines. It's faraway but not really...So, all that is left is to wish you all a really lovely holiday season, however you celebrate it, whatever your faith and traditions are I hope you have a beautiful time. 


Sarah said...

What a beautiful and exciting post! Your description of Christmas is lovely and your new year adventure sounds amazing. I wish you every happiness in the new year and look forward to reading of your adventures. Thank you for the lovely card which arrived yesterday and happy Christmas!

gill said...

Wishing you a very happy Christmas Louise and looking forward to hearing about your adventures in 2011

chocolategirl64 said...

*sniff* {waves hands in front of eyes in vague attempt to quell the well}
can't wait to see what you see:
hear what you hear:
those little threads that tie us all together will just be a little longer but more colourful:
amen to the power of yoga and faith leaping:
om shanti my friend:
namaste ☯

Carol said...

Louise, your story of your Christmas was beautiful - and then, your fabulous news about India and Nepal! You are doing what some of us consider but few actually manage to make the jump. To teach in Nepal will be the most amazing experience, for you and your students. I will be following your experiences with avid interest. Enjoy your Christmas, enjoy your traditions, and then have a magical time in India and Nepal. xox

Rhubarb said...

Wow, what fun! Have a fantastic time - I think the teaching sounds wonderful, and what a great thing to be teaching Nepalese people your skills. I'm feeling a tiny twinge of jealousy as I've always wanted to go to Nepal. I love the Himalayas although I've only got as far as Dharmsala. I wondered if you'd be interested in the book I took with me: Peter Mathiessen's "The Snow Leopard" which is almost a Buddhist meditation on the high Himalaya. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will look forward to catching up wiht you in blogland! Sara x

mise said...

What a venturesome and dashing thing to do and it's good to see such a burst of considered enthusiasm. Happy Christmas and happy travels!

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks very much lovely people. I am nervous and excited and very happy to read such lovely considered comments. I can't wait to send 'postcards' from somewhere so exciting. I should be in Nepal, early March. India first.
Thank you thank you xxx

jax said...

That's amazing and fantastic news!!! Can't wait to read about your adventures in Nepal, so pleased for you ;)
My card arrived yesterday, thank you! I'll pin it above my workstation as inspiration, there's a story behind every print, and your enthusiasm and spirit will be a constant inspiration to me.
Jax x

jax said...

That's amazing and fantastic news!!! Can't wait to read about your adventures in Nepal, so pleased for you ;)
My card arrived yesterday, thank you! I'll pin it above my workstation as inspiration, there's a story behind every print, and your enthusiasm and spirit will be a constant inspiration to me.
Jax x

Millie said...

Thanks for your story of Christmas....It has helped me keep things in perspective!
I can't wait to hear of your adventures in travels, and enjoy it all! Happy Christmas!

Francesca said...

beautiful post louise. poignant and sad, exciting and happy all in one. your adventures sound amazing, looking forward to following you on your journey. have a wonderful christmas. xxx

ps your card is gorgeous, so lovely to feel with my fingertips. thank you. x