Thursday, 30 December 2010

✒ my unadulterated list for 2011 ✒

new years resolutions 2011

Click on the image to see it bigger...
A little tongue in cheek, a list of resolutions.
The bit about being nice to everyone?
I can but try {sigh}
I was having a PollyAnna moment

I was trying out some pens and a stamp I made for Rebecca N.
Sometimes I think I might forget how to write... I'm always typing these days,
I remember being at school and covering pages in scrawl and being envious of 
some girl's writing and trying to copy her sloping tiny-ness. 
But I just kept BURSTING messily out of the page!
I don't suppose kids today have handwriting envy?

Now tell me? What are your resolutions for 2011?
Do you have one? Or a multitude?


suzie said...

'ello darlin'
very noble thoughts going on there
I can't be bothered to make any resolutions
I'll always be a fat moany old bird!

My beautiful card finally turned up this morning and I love it, it's an absolute joy and is stuck up on my workspace wall; thank you, thank you!

chocolategirl64 said...

a perfect list of realistic hopes:
if you buy a caravan, can we have a hookystitchy time somewhere on the coast with flasks of tea and the wind flapping our hems?
{and a bit of daydreaming as I too could win gold in that}
happy new year Loulove:
let the adventures begin!

Rhubarb said...

Great list, Louise! My mother told me the only thing she wished for at New Year was happiness, since everything else flowed from that. It's taken me 30 years to understand what she was saying and will probably take me another 30 years to achieve it! I wish you peace and happiness in 2011 and look forward to hearing all about it on your blog... Sara x

Anna Watkins said...

That is such a lovely card. such a lovely list, possibly because it looks so similar to mine.

I hope you keep on blogging when you go away to the land of wobbly shaking heads, so I can follow your latest adventure.

Have a lovely New Year Lou!


Carol said...

I think Sara's mother was right. Hard to remember sometimes though. I've gone through life with a Pollyanna outlook, much to some people's annoyance, and I'm always floored by the odd bad moments. I really like your "not dwell, for in the dwelling lies sadness". Very true. If I adopt one of your thoughts it should be "try to keep my thoughts focused..." I'd love to be zenlike. Good luck with your list, Happy New Year, Carol xx

Anonymous said...

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jax said...

The tax return thingy and the moisturising is me to a T, always leave things to the last minute ;o)
Mine is to make more time by organising my time better, that way I might get more things done ;o)

ronnie said...

I've just stumbled over your 2011 list (oooo soo purty!)

good luck with them all (I'll have to adopt your last one for myself .... maybe next year... that way I won't drift around and not notice other folks things!