Saturday, 8 January 2011

ૐ journey to India ૐ


The relief of actually arriving in one piece and getting through passport control was so noticeable that  I realised that I was all screwed up & anxious without realising it. I'd had a few problems, obtaining my visa, the endless bank holidays, the mad rush of Christmas and the general unsettledness that sits next to the excitement of getting away. So when I woke in a taxi outside Pushpa's house, I could have cried with gratitude. 

from the front door

Since I have been here (only 2 days) I have been sleeping a lot and napping at weird times, jetlag really gets to me and makes me pay. I snooze and wake and wonder where I am...

I've started yoga, ouch. And it's a 7.30 am start which is an improvement on last year's 6 am. I wake at 6 and do my daily meditation (see my resolutions) and listen to the birds that live outside my window.

Visually I can't help but be drawn to shadows today. The lack of sunlight in the UK was becoming oppressive, all that cloud just sitting over our heads is NOT FAIR. But today the shadows are jumping out at me proving the sun is up there. 

I'm beginning to unfurl, to stretch and breathe. I didn't realise just how much I had been holding it all in.  I'm in the decompression chamber. I can see light.

how does your garden grow?

shelling beans


Jennifer | The Make Lounge said...

Congrats on making the first part of your exciting journey!! :)

Sarah said...

Glad you arrived safely! I always get very nervous before long journeys and I know just what you mean. The sun did come back briefly yesterday and this morning but has now gone back in again! Love your shadows. Enjoy your yoga.

Anna Watkins said...

Oh Louise. It is so good to know you are there looking after your little Indian family. It all looks and sounds so familiar and I am there in spirit. Hope your aching muscles will adjust soon and before you know it you will be doing jump throughs like an acrobat.

I love the photos it's like time stood still.

Lots of love to you all!
Namaste xxxx

Francesca said...

what joy to have all that time to yourself. i am unfurling at the very thought. enjoy. xxx

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks for your messages from afar, it's so lovely to peek in and see visitors. Thank you. It means a lot to me to see your comments. ❤

Carol said...

Lovely to think of you unfurling. And I'm mesmerized by the photo of the bowl of peas - how beautiful is that?

louloulovesbooks said...

Carol! We shelled those beans yesterday morning, and then all afternoon Pushpa spent squeezing the bean casing from the bean and has separated those to make something else. The hours spent on one bowl of beans is incredible. No ready made produce here. We had a beautiful fresh bean and sprout salad last night with a pumpkin curry & fresh chapati. Delicious but she was cooking all afternoon! I am thriving on it.