Tuesday, 11 January 2011

⟖ world service ⟗

I am feeling quite excited about being here now. It's taken me a while to adjust and disembark.
But, hey, I am in India and it is, as usual, madly exciting, exhilarating and calm, all in the same moment. I'm well rested, feeling inspired, enjoying my pigeon English conversations and sharing smiles with almost every person I meet. As usual, an overload of colour is causing malfunctions of over stimulation and I am going to share some of my images with you from the last couple of days.

I went to the haberdashery shop as I really want to make something when I am here and when you are in a hot country there is only one thing for it, a blanket...I didn't intend to but I saw the wool and was smitten. I can't even tell you how cheap it was, ridiculous. Pure wool, colourfast (so they say) skeins in the most eye aching colours. I bought a few for 126 rupees (£1.79) and had to wind the skeins into balls, all rather delightfully old fashioned.

skein & ball

Especially if one listens to BBC World service on a crackly radio whilst drinking Twinings Tea! 
(I'm not being paid to advertise on this blog, but get your people to talk to my people if there is a proposition in the pipeline)
Once I'd wound my balls, I had the sweetest afternoon on a sunny veranda listening and hooking and thinking about lucky I was to be able to be alive in that moment. 

afternoon hookery

But then on my evening walk, the moment just before dusk when it seems as though there is a magic ethereal quality to the sounds and colours of India, a moment when anything seems possible and hopeful and an air of expectancy hangs in the air .....I saw this! Which fired up my wanty engines very much. Crochet garlands anyone? Someone find me a pattern?

crochet garland

But then I bought some embroidery thread and now I've got too many projects in the bag already. I shall have to stay here for a long time using up all my haberdashery. Would you have been able to resist?


And what colour cloth shall I embroider my life story on? It's enough to make a girl lose her decision making capabilities.


It's just as well I've got the gift of yoga to keep me grounded and unimpulsive and focused.

ashtanga yoga primary series chart

And I am so thankful that I haven't had to handwash all of these clothes. 
Until next time, Namaste and Lots of Love...

all in a day's work


Lizzie said...

Gosh, Loulou, it only seems five minutes since you came back from India last time - now you're there again. Lucky you!
Love all the colourful yarn - enjoy your crochet. I should think you could find instructions to make the spidery centres for that garland, somewhere on the Web. The rest is probably just double or triple crochet in rows, back & forth, possibly increasing or decreasing to enable the curve - esp. on the outer layers. Then the trim will be a double chain or a finger-knitted type of plait.. You can prob. get tiny pom-poms in that wonderful haberdashery shop!
Wow, so much choice and so cheap ... hold on, I'm coming over with my shopping bag!

gill said...

So how much thread did you buy?? The colours are fabulous!
What's the weather/temperature like with you? not that I'm envious or anything!!

Anna Watkins said...

It's making me cry. Cry of longing and cry of happiness for you. I mean really real tears. We've sat with Lois today reminiscing. Both almost in tears. Dave has told me to block all your digital feeds as he ends up with a sad wifey who feels she should be India again. Next year. It's a promise. Keep these blogs coming. I will never block them out.

mise said...

I have nothing clever to say, dazzled by all the lovely colour, but merely wish to remark that I'm enjoying your notes on India - it's making it a non-fictional place for me.

Sarah said...

Oh I want that thread! Enjoy your overload of projects and I hope you find a pattern for your garland!

Carol said...

Such colours! I love this look at your adventures.

chocolategirl64 said...

reckon we can work out how to make beautiful crochet banner: {close up of one swag please}:
I can remember holding skeins of wool like that as a child: Mama winding it into a ball as I moved my hands from side to side:
the thread that ties:
keep those tendrils coming from India to me:

(0v0) said...

Wanty. I can see why.

How would you describe your orbit around Mysore? Your experiences are of different rhythms and neighborhoods than most...

Francesca said...

such gorgeousness and inpiration! those colours are amazing. that shop would make me so happy. x

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

I've just found your blog via Inklings and love the images I have found here, especially in this post. The washing shot is especially magic. Have a fabulous time in India.

Abigail Thomas said...

lovely colours; and lovely crochet