Sunday, 23 January 2011

४ Pure Gold ४


Every morning when I wake up, here in India, I see Ganesh. Remover of Obstacles and God of Beginnings, it is a good way to begin my day. If you've been with me a long time then you'll remember how I prayed to Ganesh for help in India and he sent me Pushpa. Read my early forays into Indian life here  
Me and Ganesh? We got a thing.

But what also was becoming obvious upon waking is how much my hips were aching and how hard my bed was becoming. So I decided to buy a new mattress. My bed is bigger than a single size but not as big as a double and I went to the mattress making shop and constructed a deal (lots of head wobbling, head shaking and hand shaking) and chose my fabric from this selection.

mattress fabrics

These are brocades and I really like them. Can you guess which one I chose??
The mattress (handmade to my spec) was going to be ready to collect the next day! 
Amazing. Customer is called Madam.
This is why I love India. Nothing takes forever and it's all done with a smile.
The mattresses are sewn outside in the street by a man with a very large needle. They are stuffed with pure cotton and pierced with the needle by hand. 
And I really like them and wish I could have some at home for garden lounging and guest beds. 
*phones export shipping company*

When I went back by rickshaw to collect my mattress I spotted it from the street.

golden slumber

golden bed


Now I have a lovely comfortable bed. 
And a growing penchant for orange.

orange theme

And as a finale...look at this gorgeous creature I spotted this morning.

gold horns


Francesca said...

amazing. a bespoke mattress in gorgeous golden orange the next day! that's service. it's beautiful, you should def look into bringing it home!
hello ganesh. x

Sarah said...

Oh Wow! This all makes me happy to look at and read! What an amazing job the mattress man did and what great customer service! Has the cow got gold horns? Beautiful. Ganesh is lovely.

Rebecca said...

That mattress is both mental and amazing to look at, I hope it's even more wonderful to sleep on!

Lizzie said...

How lovely to be able to commission a mattress on one day and collect it the next. I bet it wasn't too expensive either - here a new mattress costs the earth!
It is beautiful. I so love yellows and oranges. And somehow the light in India makes the most of those bright colours. Sigh....

That is a beautiful cow - she is so pretty.

Hope you enjoy your sleep tonight - it looks very comfy.

chocolategirl64 said...

love the green one above yours in the pile:
think I'd have to strip my bed everyday to reveal it though:
summer cushions for lounging in the garden?
now you're talking ^_^

Rebecca said...

Namaskara Lou.
Sweet dreams on your new mattress. Loving your words & pictures & adventures, I can almost smell and touch and taste it all
Rebecca xoxoxo

Carol said...

How fabulous to have that beautiful mattress to sleep on. The colours are so stunning. And the cow with the gold horns is just wonderful, and has such a pretty face.

Ginny said... I can see why you love the detail of my paitnings. I LOVE the detail in your words, the lyricism love and gentleness. And I love your pictures. they are delicious - as delicious as your amazing mattress!