Friday, 6 May 2011

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open studios flyer

The day of the Royal wedding dawned and we forgot! Well, we had no tv, not much internet and the Kathmandu Post didn't have much to say about it. I'm guessing it was different for you whether you were Stateside or Blighty Bound. We were completely oblivious to that dress or that kiss or the ridiculousness of those hats; my girls in the studio have no idea who William and Kate are. They still don't. 
We'd planned a little open studio day. The girls picked flowers on their way through to work...a small mountain posy for our table. We had been making new stuff for weeks and wanted to show it off...the jewellery workshop next door was doing the same. I was nearing the end of my two month voluntary placement and it seemed like a good time to have a show. A kind of semi colon to my time here.
Here's how our studio looked and a sneak peek at some new products that will be making their way across the seas to be sold via an ethical fair trade company in the UK. 

mountain posy

We had piles of albums and notebooks that have all been handmade by the girls, all of the paper and materials are locally sourced in Kathmandu, Nepal (not an easy feat at all) and I think they did a grand job and I felt like a proud mama. Sometimes, it's really hard to not dive in and say I'll do that when I see struggling fingers and hesitant hands but I resisted the urge as they'll have to continue producing this stuff without me watching over them. I'll just let the images do the work in this post. I am quite happy not to blather on for once.

heaps of folds

stitch tower


print laundry

table display

hand printed swing tags

I'll let you know in due course where the products can be bought to support the charity...


jax said...

So you should be a proud mama, a table laid fit for a king ;o)
LOVE all the wonderful colours and patterns of the paper and those beautiful botanical prints are just delicious!
Jax x

Anna Watkins said...

I am absolutely breathless! All the things are so beautiful. I want them all on my shelf, never to be used, only to be admired and looked at. Too pretty to mess up. Art in their own right!
You have done an amazing job out there with you girls. There is a definitiv Loulouloves feel over these with a Nepalese twang.
And now you artistis legacy will no doubt continue without you.
You should be so proud! Cant wait to support the charity and what you've done and buy some of these when they hit UK!

andamento said...

They look great, lovely colours and prints. Please do post where we could buy some once you know.

chocolategirl64 said...

want to buy them all and share with everyone:
what an enduring gift you have given, my beautiful friend:
you have every right to be proud: you done good

Francesca said...

beautiful! love all the colours. yes it was a bit different here re royal wedding. the whole country (and the US) went bonkers. like this:


louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks you lovely lot...will keep you all posted, I've still got to tell you all about the Christmas card designs yet...phew, it's been all go.

louloulovesbooks said...

Fran, that link is hilarious, everyone go and watch it now! Thank You!

suzie said...

and that's far more real, important and worthwhile.

Lou, you're the nuts!

Lizzie said...

Ooo... what wonderful heaps and piles and strings-ful and tables-ful of gorgeousness and loveliness!
You have certainly done a grand job, if your girls can now turn out work like this by themselves.
Well done to you and your girls - you certainly should be a "proud mama"!
I love all the colours and designs - especially those patterned papers... sigh..I love paper, and find the stuff from Nepal and India so amazing...

By the way, was there a wedding? William and Kate who?


Rebecca said...

stunning, i'll buy the whole lot! :)

Lya de Putti said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful x

Carol said...

Your girls have been so lucky to have you with them, and I know how lucky you must feel to have had this experience. The work they've done is really beautiful. Congratulations to you all.