Sunday, 1 May 2011

இ postcard from Nepal (rainy afternoon) இ

postcard 1-5-11

postcard 1-5-11


gill said...

Thank you!
Beautiful words

lynn braz said...

This is such a beautiful, moving, poetic post. May you continue to attract the loveliest people wherever you go.

Francesca said...

lots of love loulouloves. x

Lizzie said...

How I love to read the wonderful thoughts you record here! I too have felt the blessing of having wise and supportive people in my life. I am not always wise myself, often rather a coward, not always very strong; it is wonderful to me, that people will give me the wisdom and love that they do.
I hope you always find there are people in your life, who will care, love and support you, wherever you are, wherever you go!

Thank you for the lovely comment on my books, that you left for me. It always makes me feel very honoured, when more skilled and experienced book-binders and artists leave me such encouraging words! As for the prayer flags - the internet is so wonderful for research! I was tempted to keep that book for myself - it had a certain "something" about it, that I really liked. It was sent on its way with more than the usual measure of good wishes!

I hope you are happy in Nepal and that you continue to find your work interesting and rewarding. "See" you when you come home!

Bird in the Tree said...

♥ this & you. Miss writing w/you!!!! Big hug & a mug of something warm from the States.