Tuesday, 4 August 2009

---dear diary---

I've got this weird hyper mood at the moment and I've been rushing everywhere trying to do everything, be all things.
On Sunday, I ran upstairs to get a book and on the way down, skidded in my flipflops and hurtled down the stairs. Now, I am nursing bruises (vermillion red and windsor blue) on my forearm, my hand hurts and this morning I seem to have woken up with a whiplash type of injury on my neck. 
This has all succeeded in slowing me down. 
It's also played havoc with my yoga and I do believe there is a lesson there for me. 
I was getting so much done too...I've actually designed my winter/Christmas greetings cards 
thanks to a project I'm getting involved in. 
Mince pie anyone?


Conversation Pieces said...

Ouch! That sounds sore!

Bingo Betty said...

Oooh your diary is sooooo fab :-D

suzie chaney said...

Ow ow Ouch! Poor you, hope you are feeling a bit less battered now!

Christmas? Don't scare me!