Monday, 24 August 2009

-{that was the week that was}-

Last week's diary. It was much busier than the pages indicate, after all, I spy spaces. But I usually doodle away whilst on the phone or whilst eating or watching t.v so there was not much of that last week. 
I loved Inglourious Basterds, the latest Tarantino masterpiece. I had to peek through my fingers at some of it as I am less able to cope with violence these days. But the storytelling and characters were magnificent, genius even. And the best baddie in a film, ever. [sorry, Heath Ledger, as the Joker, you did not scare or convince me]
It's been a hot simmery few days but packed away in my little studio space, the sun doesn't get a look in so I've been blissfully unaware. And am remaining a blueish shade of white. Or a whiter shade of pale. Bang the drum for fake face tan. I love it. 


elena said...

Love the way your notebook pages become a work of art of their own..a summary of the week flown by.

Becky said...

Just had a look at your website...really great, love the book style navigation layout!

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Elena and Becky, thanks for stopping by

jessicaleighlalou said...

I love your blog! The notebook page is beautiful. Like Elena said, it's "a work of art of their own". Just lovely. :)

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Jessica for taking the time to comment