Monday, 17 August 2009

∞..if beach huts were stray dogs..∞

Beach huts at Wells-Next-the-Sea.
Loved them all, if they were stray dogs
 I would have taken them all home.
A beautiful beach,with no 'facilities' at all which made it perfect.
A walk through a pine forest and we were there.
I absolutely must return there in the winter.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word...these are so beautiful. I love the pink one under your postcard.

suzie chaney said...

Before I lived in France I used to live on the North Norfolk coast, at Happisburgh (d'you know it?) and my most lovely friend on the planet lives in Cromer! These lovely beach huts at Wells have given me a warm fuzzy nostalgia trip, thank you very much for that! Many happy memories of beach combing and playing in the bracing sea from Holkham to Great Yarmouth!

Nonetheless, I'll stay were I am thanks!

Anna Betts said...

One of my favourite places is Wells. And yes the beach huts are so pretty. I like that they're all a bit different to each other, not uniform like in Southwold. I took quite a nice picture there myself
And the forest tucked behind the beach is so lovely!

Francesca said...

my heart is a-flutter! and i see we both posted about beach huts on monday.

Anonymous said...
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