Friday, 23 October 2009

ʚ lend me your lists ʚ

It's coming around to that time of year. I want to make my winter greetings cards and I am asking for your help...As you are all creative intelligent and generous bloggers would you mind taking part in a little task?
I have been completely inspired by 'Shopping Losts'  I have been in touch with Simon the creative genius behind the blog and he has given us his blessing. 

Wonderful shopping list finds transformed into typographical creations. 
I am well jell of this brilliant idea. 

So here's the thing. What is on your seasonal list?
Is it a list of presents you'd secretly like to receive?
Things you want to accomplish/make/resolve by Christmas?
A shopping list for the big cook in?
Presents to buy?
A new years resolution list?
If you send me your list either by email (if you are shy) or add it to the comments.
If you are in possession of a working scanner you could scan your hand written list in and send it to me. {forever humbly grateful for this kind of activity}

I will have the list I love made into a zinc plate for printing and it will be letterpressed by me as this years Christmas card, for me to send out to all my contacts and loved ones. I may typographically arrange it depending on the list.
You will of course get a set of cards yourself and I will add you as my co-artist.
How brilliant will that be?
Please please help, it will be so much fun and remember, it can be as ordinary as you like. I'm gonna love them all.

Here is a list circa 2004 by a young lady who will undoubtedly mash me if she ever reads this blog.
But it's good. Sshhhhhh. Mum's the Word.


nath said...

oooooooooooooooooooh, well. now. yes. i'm so in. IN i tell you. i'll look over my lists and get back to you - i might even scan it if £1 scanner fancies it.

nath said...

and ha! ha! love that list. i like lists with added annotations.

louloulovesbooks said...

hyperventilating over here with excitement!
Oh, Nath, your blogpost is listy today anyway non?

Anonymous said...

I love this idea Loulou - and I love your blog!

Alcohol (in abundance)
Wrapping paper (shiny)
Ribbon (matt)
Lipstick (definitely gloss)
Shoes (vertiginous)
Lashes (false)
Tights (flowery)
Tea (also)
Patience (quite a bit)

Is it wrong to feel Christmassy already?! :)

Bingo Betty said...

Kleeneze freezer defroster spray, two front teeth (well whitened at least),time-machine, David Atty's 'Blue Planet' (DVD), new washing up brush, tutti-frutti toilet duck (needs to be invented first), Wii & Wii fit
To be continued...

mise said...

What a wonderful idea! My main seasonal list (and it's too early for it yet) is a list of people to whom I want to send Christmas cards so that I can tick them off as I write them.

But it occurs to me that this sort of list might itself make a nifty and very personal Christmas card, as of course all the recipients would feature in the depicted list (and they might recognise names of other recipients).

Rebecca said...

oh yes, I'm totally in :) I love lists, and I love christmas !!!!!

suzie chaney said...

Oooh, count me in tooo!!
Unfortunately lists are my staff of life, a daily essential. I even have to write lists about what lists I need to write! I shall have a whittle down and get back to you, when's your deadline?

nath said...

it is. or was when i write it. i am listy by nature.

Bingo Betty said...

Oh, I did a bit more.
Kleeneze freezer defroster spray, two front teeth (well whitened at least), David Atty's 'Blue Planet' (DVD), new washing up brush, tutti-frutti toilet duck (needs to be invented first), Wii & Wii fit, BBC ‘Oceans’ DVD, marine biology-kit, black and white polkadot cup (flared shape not round mug), globe lampshade, Nina-Ricci perfume, flat non stick oven tray, mini-in-car vacuum cleaner, a ‘cheese mill’, set of ten coloured bag clips, a salad spinner, wind-proof umbrella, sour-apple or very berry magic-trees, nail varnish art-pens, new-space age dreamcatcher that isn’t hippy and actually catches bad dreams (as long as it doesn’t malfunction and capture my favourite dreams about outer-space and flying machines)

louloulovesbooks said...

You are all so dreamy in sending me your lists...I've had a few email ones too~thank you...there's some really good listings. I think I'll be starting to put the card together in a couple of weeks (mrs so feel free to list away until 8th November {ish}. Have decided it will be in postcard format as it will be my first formal letterpressing and I'm scared.
Thanks again, you are all amazing.

Meghan said...

French Manicure kit?

I'm mortified.

Francesca said...

this is such a coincidence. i am just writing a post about lists. come and join our group!

Becka Lynn Lee said...

This is a great idea. I love lists. Have fun. Here is a list I love to look at and it you want you are also welcome to the list from my blog post "my daughter's purse".

my daughter’s wish list

purple glitter mary janes
giant busy box
pink lunchbox
play birthday cake
chef’s apron and hat
cupcake wall stickers
purple camera
tea party game

Rebecca said...

beef joint
(new oven!)
finish pompoms
wrapping paper
poinsettia x 3
wreath hook
xmas crackers
more chocolate
a rest.

I hope I'm not too late, I wanted to write one and scan it to you, but I would never have done it if I'd gone that route!
Never mind, if I am too late, enjoy the list anyway :) x