Wednesday, 7 October 2009


One of my birthday presents.
I love useful presents.
My daughter bought me a weighted hula hoop.
I'm loving it. 10 minutes a day for a flat tummy apparently.
I took a while to master it and I can now keep it afloat for 5 minutes. 
I would like to teach Twiggy to jump through it 
so we can be a bizarre circus act,
but she runs a mile when I put it on as does anyone within 3 metres.
So with my yoga, swimming and dog walking I'm mostly knackered.
It's enough to make anyone reach for a cigarette and a bottle of gin.
**photo by Meg B**


nath said...

ha ha, i forgot about your dog and thought - why would Louise want Twiggy (the face of M&S and/or the 1960s) to jump through a hoop. but then.. i remembered. anyway, good for you, you're looking very cheerful despite all your sporting activities.

Rebecca said...

haha, nath I did exactly the same thing!

suzie chaney said...

the expression on your face isn't really selling the hula hoop as a 'fun' activity! However, if it is the secret to a flat stomach, bring it on! I do both the yoga and the dog walking but still have a spare tyre big enough for a tractor.....(nothing at all to do with living in red wine land!)
So Twiggy is for keeps? I do hope so.

Bingo Betty said...

What a beauty x

adventuringmaya said...

Oooh, hula hooping, that's fantastic. I've always wanted to learn that but have so far been completlely unsuccessful! Please can you give me some tips to keeping a hula afloat?!

louloulovesbooks said...

Adventuring Maya!
I think the secret to hula hulaing is to not think of the hoop as going around your waist but more that your waist is going around the inside of the hoop, if that makes sense? And not too much movement, it comes more from the feet up and is a gentle hip wiggle as opposed to a gyration...
Hope that helps. Practise is everything.