Friday, 16 October 2009

▼ pot/kettle/black ▼

It's not going to be easy to blog about my letterpress experiments. 
It's impossible to see the sumptiousness (is that even a word?)
of the image or type pressed ever so slightly into the paper. 
I'll have to get my super zoomy lens out to prove it when the sun comes out~
oooo ~ about next march.
Ever so many ages ago I bought for half a crown or thereabouts a box of copper plates,
I couldn't see how beautiful they were til I got around to print them
& I love them so.
I have no idea what to do with them, I'm too busy cooing over them like 
a louloulovesbooks in a stationary shop.
But the best bit was finding an unused tin of flouro pink ink
to print with, which isn't showing up too well either on this image.
You'll just all have to come around and have a look for yourselves.

Some other exciting news is that among the many workshops and teaching things I've got coming up I'm teaching 'make your own rubber stamps' at The Make Lounge  for a few dates in October and November, 
concentrating on holiday gift tags and cards. Remember these? 
I'm excited to be working at such a lively venue with so many creative classes being offered.
Sadly, my workshops sold out within a day, you've got to be quick to get on these courses at The Make Lounge .
Sign up for the newsletter and be the early bird that catches the worm.


mise said...

I can certainly see the attraction - oh the delicate Victorian quietness and exactitude of that kettle image.

chocolategirl64 said...

pink to make me wink

nath said...

aaaaiii! i want to be an early worm. that second photograph of the rubber stamps is so tantalisingly lovely, oh they're on my list of want-to-learn.

louloulovesbooks said...

mise...thanks for stopping in~I love your blog, recently discovered by me, you have a way with words that I love and aspire to.
chocgirl~lovely lemon drizzle cake at the bowling last night courtesy of you, yum, you need to blog about your baking mrs
nath~you are a born printmaker lovely lady, get yourself a piece of speedball rubber and go for it~stop all that 'got no equipment angst'

suzie chaney said...

well! where to start!
first off, is that an invitation to come and stay with you? I'm up for it!
secondly, I would give a random right bodypart to have a Make Lounge near me, sadly there's nothing quite so exciting in these parts, and if there was, they would speak french so super quick I'd cry quietly in the corner and rock to and fro.
And lastly, that kettle is adorable!
sorry for so many !!!!s

louloulovesbooks said...

Suzie, so, you're hanging on to your left body parts?
Of course, come and stay. I'd be up for it. Blogging exchange visits. It could catch on. Trouble is, you would be exposed to The Truth. {!}
But the best thing would be inflicting myself on you in return, France? ooh la la/yes yes and Oui.