Thursday, 22 October 2009

⤷⤷⤷ Somewhere Softly Sleeping

I'm going to pop a couple of my hand painted postcards in the shop
I was going to sell them as prints but I just don't feel good about it for various reasons.
Some things have to stay original.
The colours are very warm and soft and they 
don't translate to print at all well.
The reverse is blank apart from the postcard markings incase anyone wants to send a real painting through the post or write a personal greeting. 
They were inspired by my visits to the exhibition Garden and Cosmos at The British Museum earlier this year. And of course, my ongoing love affair with India. Painting them makes me feel simply serene. I've got a few to finish but I see no serenity in the near future. It's crazy over here behind the hedge.


Hannah said...

Oh goodness this is such a lovely idea! imagine receiving a handpainted postcard through the post! how totally lovely.

adventuringmaya said...

Beautiful postcard loulou, and it makes me feel sleepy just reading it.....Zzzzz.....

louloulovesbooks said...

Thanks Hannah...I'm having no faith in the British post at the moment so I wouldn't even let the postman glimpse it. But in an ideal world~it would be lovely!

A.M if something can make you sleep it must be a miracle. I've checked and double checked your address and it still won't go through :-(
is it .com by any chance?
Shall we try pigeons?

Parisa said...

Sooo beautiful idea and illustration!!!Lovely! :)